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Evan S.

How to completely silence your bow shelf - posted 5 months ago

I enjoy reading and rereading gohunt articles, so I read this article right before I decided to use my bow on a mule deer/antelope hunt in Wyoming with the thought that the "one step further" part didn't apply to my bow because I use a full capture QAD rest. What do you know, I apparently like to twirl my bow with an arrow knocked while I walk around/stalk because I kept hearing a "tinking" noise but when I looked I couldn't find anything. I repeated what I did and when I discovered the source of the noise all I could think was Brady told you to add a small piece of tape to the bottom of your sight! It didn't blow a stalk or hinder my success but I definitely noticed it. Needless to say I've taken care of it since returning home. Thank you Brady and goHunt for all of the articles for those of us that like to tinker with our equipment.