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FWS releases Mexican gray wolf recovery plan for Arizona and New Mexico - posted 2 years ago

Those are not wolves, they are genetically engineered German Shepherds!!!

Emergency doe hunt set for Nevada - posted 3 years ago

This article was written for Residents of Nevada as they can only apply for these hunts.

The colossal backlash of wild horses on wildlife - posted 3 years ago

In 2014 I hunted in Nevada for sheep and I could not believe my eyes to see wild horses at 12,000 ft. I saw at a minimum 70 horses, they were a nuisance as several stalks were ruined by them.
They definitely need to be removed as they also have impacts on all wildlife, fauna and flora.

Iowa hunter faces possible baiting charges over trophy buck - posted 4 years ago

Truly a buck of several lifetimes.

Unfortunately VERY large deer come into question many times and lots of skepticism as to how it was taken.

The article did not say how large his farm is, so how can they enforce that he as baiting this deer if its possible that this deer was getting his salt and minerals from the farm next door, even though it clearly showed in the video that he has a food plot on his farm, most farms have food plots, salt and minerals for livestock.

I think G&F is on the losing side of this case but the laws regarding baiting will probably change, some hunting shows from Iowa have shown the hosts hunting from corn and food plots as well and they have not been charged with hunting over bait.

The best way to cure sheep fever - posted 4 years ago

Richard, congrats on winning this awesome sheep hunt, I hope you have a fantastic sheep hunt with Nahanni. Wow less than 30 days, I would not be able to sleep!