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What is your effective bowhunting range? - posted 1 month ago

I think it's situation-dependent. I killed a bull at 52 yards this fall, but he was fully broadside, his focus was elsewhere, and it was perfect conditions with a great, unobstructed shooting setup. If i was 52 yards from an antelope in the wind, I'd be beyond my effective range for that situation. Good article, and a good thing to consider and know before a person is in a shooting situation.

Railroad sued over grizzly bear deaths in Montana - posted 2 months ago

This is... absurd. As a farmer I'm no fan of BNSF, but come on. There's way too many bears in that area, and the tracks and highways make travel corridors at certain times of year especially. You going to not run trains half the day to save a few bears? Now you're talking about disrupting huge chunks of commerce to provide a solution to something that's an unfixable problem.

NYT best-selling author throws BIG money at Colorado wolf ballot proposal - posted 4 months ago

If you reintroduce them, ultimately hunters will have to shoot them. Someone should explain that, that wolves have no natural predator and, left unchecked, will fundamentally change the landscape re:wildlife. Now, if you start with the goal of a managed population, they can play a positive role in keeping game populations from getting out of hand. I think maybe they're a tool in the CWD fight. But management must be left to the individual state from day 1 or it's a problem.

Tribes ask for permanent protections for grizzly bears - posted 8 months ago

I agree with justin z. These animals must be managed, as they have no natural predator, and pretending that humans and their economic and safety concerns don't factor in is unrealistic and foolhardy. The ESA has done its job here; time to move to management.

A beginner’s guide to processing your own wild game meat - posted 11 months ago

I've used a torch, and also just picked and wiped as it goes into the grinder tray. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with the torch, but the thing that helps the most if it's an option is skinning the animal while it's still warm. Much less hair if that hide can come off quickly, although i realize that's not always possible.