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Wolves to lose federal protections - posted 3 months ago

Cue the lawsuits in 3.....2......1......! Oh no, back to square one.

Hunter defends viral mountain lion video and photo - posted 3 months ago

While the backlash she has received is totally unwarranted and unnecessary, we as hunters need to be aware that people will be looking for any reason they can to criticize us and put us under fire. I wish she’d cleaned the cat up a bit prior to the photos. Plenty of snow around, probably wouldn’t take long. Same goes for deer, elk, etc. don’t post photos with blood all over the animal or the tongue hanging out, stuff like that.

Runner kills mountain lion in self defense - posted 4 months ago

That guy can now get his man card tattooed across his chest. He’s one bad hombré.

Judge restores federal protections to grizzly bears - posted 8 months ago

This shouldn’t come as any surprise. It took a long time for the wolf situation to play itself out to where we are today. Just another bump in the road. Delisting will occur. Just gonna take time and more court time.

Montana Big Game Unit 448 - posted 9 months ago

Matthew, I did quite a bit of research in this area as I was considering it for a hunt this fall. From what I understand Grizzlies have been seen in the area but they are by no means prevalent and shouldn’t pose any issue. Still wouldn’t hurt to be prepared. Black bears are very common though and food storage orders are in effect.