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Colorado changes license program for elk - posted 1 month ago

Yup, just another screwing of the bow hunters! Our success rates are SO HIGH they now have to limit the number of bow hunters in specific units to counteract ALL those elk that we kill... YA BULL&Y%T!

Alert: New 2020 Wyoming nonresident elk draw result date change - posted 3 months ago

All this does is keep the working man like myself from being able to apply for an out-of-state area due to holding onto my money for several more months. Great way to pad the budget. Definitely a deal-breaker for me this year. I got 6 points, and will need to wait another year to pad my budget to be able to apply for tag. Wonder how much this in a drop application numbers? Wyoming just step on their own poop pile here!

Government ordered to review grizzly bear protections - posted 3 months ago

CBD is just a lobbying group with aims to curtail hunting in any and all means possible, currently using the court systems and Finding sympathetic district judges to advance the purposes. This happened time and time again. They couldn't give a rats ass about logic or science, all the have as their agenda, which along with the Sierra Club and other such groups, is to eliminate hunting by any means possible. Which includes introducing apex predators to reduce deer and elk populations, to drop tag numbers, to drop hundred interest, to eliminate hunting. What happened moose in the Yellowstone area, elk and moose in the Idaho Panhandle area. Their ( eco-interest) ddisease is spreading

Railroad sued over grizzly bear deaths in Montana - posted 4 months ago

Maybe,, Just Maybe,, there are too many bears in the area and they are getting killed more due to higher numbers.

Three hunters survive grizzly bear attack in Montana - posted 6 months ago

This is a bear that needs to be eliminated!