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Railroad sued over grizzly bear deaths in Montana - posted 3 weeks ago

Maybe,, Just Maybe,, there are too many bears in the area and they are getting killed more due to higher numbers.

Three hunters survive grizzly bear attack in Montana - posted 2 months ago

This is a bear that needs to be eliminated!

August giveaway - $1,000 gear shopping spree for five INSIDERs - posted 3 months ago

This would be a great opp do upgrade the pack and a couple other items. Im hoping for that email to come! :-)

Montana landowner wins road access lawsuit - posted 3 months ago

Mainly what they need is proof from adequate (people who actually used the road every year) public testimony that the road has been used for recreational access, on a yearly basis, prior to when it was gated and locked by the landowner in which the road goes through. This is called prescriptive easement with historic public access. Only one Montana statute specifically addresses prescriptive easements. Section 23-2-322(1), MCA, provides that a prescriptive easement is a right to use the property of another that is acquired by open, exclusive, notorious, hostile, adverse, continuous, and uninterrupted use for a period of 5 years. BOOM and there you have it! Get to is boys!