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ALERT: Idaho House approves decrease in nonresident tags, but increase in fees - posted 1 month ago

Adam M. I was an Idaho resident (born in cascade) but had to move to Nevada to make a decent wage like so many other Idaho residents. I would guess that a third to a half of Elko County residents are from Idaho or have Idaho roots for that reason. I probably have spent more money in Idaho directly or indirectly as a nonresident than if I stayed as a resident (I used an Twin Falls contractor for two roof jobs) because of the wage differential. You should be aware that we use a lot of Idaho contractors, construction managers, and Engineers in northern Nevada. I still buy a nonresident license and tags to hunt with family I don't mind paying more as a non resident but don't like getting fleeced just because I am non resident, increases should be across the board for all. The other problem is that by having 10% percent of people paying 50% of your funding you could have a problem with budget when the economy tanks and people are not spending money on tags. Between 2008 and 2016 Idaho sent me emails to buy license and tags to generate revenue. I have always bought a nonresident Idaho hunting license for birds to hunt with family but there were several years I did not buy big game tags because money was tight.
Overcrowding is not as simple as number of tags, we continue to loose access opportunities on private land because of development, sales to people or companies that wont let you on anymore or by hunting leases.
Anyway I had a point in mind when I started this comment and lost track of it! Bottom line is non residents shouldn't be treated as cash cows. Charge more at a reasonable rates but also charge the residents the same rate increases. Idaho resident rates are cheap and the residents should be grateful. Be respectful to non residents because you could be a nonresident somewhere someday! Or even a nonresident in your home state if you have move for work!