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Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 4 days ago

He got butt hurt because he had a tag and when he got to "his " spot there were dudes from Michigan there. Which means he didn't get the mattress off his back, didn't hike hard enough, in short did not care as much as the out of staters who beat his there. Sucks to be him.

So when Senator Lee tries to sell off all the public land, I guess when we call for help from out of state guys to help us fight, I assume we get the Michigan "hello"?

Oklahoma woman brags about poaching deer on dating app - posted 1 week ago

So was she hot? You all know you wondered the same thing!!

No time to hunt? The balance between the sacrifice and the reward - posted 1 week ago

My oldest started at 3, my youngest at 3. Yup you aint going pope and young, but if that's your only goal in life your goals suck. Now I have 13 yr old and 8 yr old. The 13 yr old wacked a 6x6 on a Utah open bull unit. That is what its all about. "I have kids" just means your priorities are jacked. "I get to hunt with kids" is what it is all about.

No more federal protections for gray wolves? - posted 1 month ago

Jennifer that is perhaps one of the dumbest things Ive read. First, CWD is caused by a prion found in and on the ground. Wolves killing a deer, leaves the prion on the ground. Second, wolves do kill for entertainment. Just ask a coyote. Third, we have been hunting wolves for a while now. Hows the population doing? Did hunters "extinct" them?

Face it. If an animal has a hunt it has a value. Notice its the animals that are hunted that enjoy population growth.

Last. Unless your sleeping on the ground, eating grass, YOU ARE GREEDY. There has been a life and death struggle on this planet since its first day. Stop watching Disney. Stop believing some spritual hokus pokus crap. A wolf is a killer. Plain and simple. It will kill you, your labradoodle, and your cat, and not think twice. Real life isn't a cartoon, perhaps find out about it.

Wyoming couple pleads guilty to poaching mule deer - posted 6 months ago

Unless he carried it home on his shoulders he should of lost his truck as well. Some day hopefully we will take this crap serious. Until then it will keep on happening.