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An Idaho grizzly bear moves into area where grizzlies haven't been found in a long time - posted 4 months ago

Take the politics, and industry that has grown around this on both sides. We as hunters have done such a great job conserving habitat, these alpha predators, both grizzly and wolf, are able to expand and grow. That is the ultimate compliment to all the hunters who work tirelessly, and spend huge money to make it possible

Making the switch from rifle to archery - posted 4 months ago

I did this last year. My oldest was able to hunt and thought we should try. Im so happy I did. In my state with the right tag you can do all the weapons. I shoot in my back yard, which is really stress relieving. However, short of the equipment, an archery mentor explained it best. " Im not great at the 3d, or target shoots, but I know how to hunt". I followed his advice on keeping things as simple as possible( whisker biscuit, fixed broadheads, easy shooting vs fast bow). Im not a 80yrd sniper, but I surely have enjoyed the process.

Proposed wildfire breaks detrimental to wildlife and habitat - posted 5 months ago

Its an interesting idea. Anyone with any brain can see the mega fires we are having are going beyond tree top burning and are sterilizing the ground. We have a horrific problem of a gazillion dead trees laying on the ground, stopping growth, and making for non productive wildlife use. Its called forest MANAGEMENT for a reason, and like it or not, we need to not just let it manage itself. What we are currently doing, obviously isnt working, and while this might not either, I applaud the attempt. Museum management is a failure.

Mexican gray wolf keeps endangered status - posted 8 months ago

Sandra S. Did you really pay $150 to comment your dumbassery? What land do you live on? Im fine if you are not in some urban area devoid of all wildlife. IF you are, its time to petition your city council to allow wolves in city limits

Tick awareness and prevention for hunters - posted 8 months ago

Maybe I should blame Al Gore, but the last couple deer we have killed in central Utah have had ticks crawling out of them for days after. Nasty little buggers we use a lit match to get them out.