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Coronavirus impacts Washington hunts - posted 8 hours ago

That sound you here are ALL your rights and freedoms being taken under the guise of safety. You are 100000x more likely to get Corona going to the store to buy a turkey than going to hunt one.

Do you need a new bow? - posted 1 week ago

Good article. Glad you guys are writing. My 9 year old is obsessed with hunting, so during no school, his 20 min of reading every day is now gohunt.

SHOT show range day - posted 3 weeks ago

I own Browning. My boys own Browning. But, is there a point when industry realizes that the LR "craze" is making hunting harder? The more efficient hunters become the less oppurtunity there will be. It seems the gun manufacturers are on a suicide course. At some point states will be forced to limit the LR industry.

Are protections necessary to ensure ethical use of GPS data? - posted 1 month ago

Of course it should be. As we are seeing GRAMMA and FOIA requests by the desperate trying to mind where "famous" hunters are filming, its not suprising the desperate to be famous would chase GPS data. Its a truly sad commentary on some of those amongst us, but, they exist

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2020: Utah Elk and Antelope - posted 1 month ago

Stephen, you are probably not far off. Utah sold out to a special interest group(SFW) . The Wildlife board is controlled by it. SFW at the end of the day is the leading advocate for deep pocket interests. There will be PR and fluff, but there is almost always a backroom reason for any change.