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Are protections necessary to ensure ethical use of GPS data? - posted 2 days ago

Of course it should be. As we are seeing GRAMMA and FOIA requests by the desperate trying to mind where "famous" hunters are filming, its not suprising the desperate to be famous would chase GPS data. Its a truly sad commentary on some of those amongst us, but, they exist

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2020: Utah Elk and Antelope - posted 2 days ago

Stephen, you are probably not far off. Utah sold out to a special interest group(SFW) . The Wildlife board is controlled by it. SFW at the end of the day is the leading advocate for deep pocket interests. There will be PR and fluff, but there is almost always a backroom reason for any change.

Prepare and you can elk hunt every year for less than $1,500 - posted 3 weeks ago

Brent. An avenue to try if contact the area you want to hunt RMEF chair. They would know folks who hunt the areas you want, and who would spend some in depth time with you on info.

Prepare and you can elk hunt every year for less than $1,500 - posted 4 weeks ago

Guys. You can hunt elk without Sitka. You can hunt elk with kenetrek. Without Hoyt, Swarovski, etc. Dudes overthink gear, and that becomes a barrier to entry. Not every elk in the west is above 11,000ft, not every forest is wilderness area. I applaud you dudes from back east for coming out and enjoying YOUR PUBLIC LAND, dont overthink it. IF you can hunt a whitetail in the Northeast in the fall, your tough enough to handle the conditions here, your gear will be fine. My tips: buy as much gas and groceries as you can at the smaller, local places. They really appreciate the buisness. Second. Check in, daily if you can(inreach, cell phone, sat phone). The west has some of the finest search and rescue people in the world, and they will come get you, but its better if they dont have to. Enjoy it guys, and welcome to elk hunting!!!

Groups file intent to sue over governmental plans to kill 72 grizzlies - posted 4 weeks ago

Mike W. 1st, there is no such thing as "problem bears". They are just bears. Doing what bears do.
2nd. USE AT OWN RISK. That should apply to grazers, hunters, rock climbers, etc..