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Tick awareness and prevention for hunters - posted 2 days ago

Maybe I should blame Al Gore, but the last couple deer we have killed in central Utah have had ticks crawling out of them for days after. Nasty little buggers we use a lit match to get them out.

Groups sue over supplemental feeding program in National Elk Refuge - posted 2 days ago

It could be good. The elk will continue into Jackson, followed closely by the wolves and grizzlies. When dadddy deep pockets has his landscapping munched, and wolves are killing calves in his front yard, he will then get to reap what he sowed.

Wolves to lose federal protections - posted 1 week ago

NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Says all lawyers, grant recipients, special interest groups(BGF). "What will we do for money now???"

Montana tables bill to prohibit wolf hunting and trapping - posted 3 weeks ago

Montana is a special place. Where else do you have Dems that are still able to support sportsmen. Good on the D in montana that haven't had to drink the coolaid. And good on the voters in Montana who put folks in office who agree with our livestyle regardless of D or R next to the name.

Colorado discusses possibility of wolf reintroduction - posted 3 weeks ago

Paul. You have free ranging bison herds on your western border. We have hunts for them, its so popular it takes 16 points to draw one. You also have wolves. They are in the Uinta mtns in Utah just to your west as well. Fact is, you have no magical forcefield no matter what BGF says. Funny to me how wolves destroy everything, yet not one of us wont jump to head to alaska and hunt, where they are loaded with wolves. Moose are on the decline in Colorado now, same as everywhere else. That isn't the wolves, its the ticks. You can jump up and down, burn millions of dollars to lawyers and special interest groups, or you can spend that time, money, energy getting a management plan together. Either way, the wolf is coming to Colorado, if its not there already. We as hunters are long past the discussion of whether we like wolves or not. None of that matters anymore. We are now to, what are we going to do to exist with them.