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How to perfectly level your bowhunting sight - posted 8 months ago

Hey Dave,
I'm purchasing a Elite Ritual 33 (2018 model). Do you have a recommendation on a rest and sight for that bow.

Tips for hunting late season migratory elk - posted 11 months ago

Nice article Dave. You are spot on for the late season hunts. Just got back from NM late muzzy hunt and killed a nice bull but they weren't hanging around much as the day broke. Get there early and be ready to stay all day. Movement was only at first and last light.

New Mexico Big Game Unit 13 - posted 11 months ago

Just catching up from the hunt. Yes the drought early hurt the main beam lengths and the fifth's on most six points. I killed a pretty good bull that was nice and heavy up to his fourth's but ran out of steam on his main beam length and fifths. Good hunt, lots of fun, plenty of animals just need rain and snow to get them growing early.

Top over the counter elk hunting opportunities in the West - posted 1 year ago

Great information. No sense sitting on the couch waiting for the great draw to happen. Get out and hunt!

Utah couple charged with stealing hunter’s gear - posted 1 year ago

Let's hope they get the full extent of the law not the "she's one of us" sentence. Plus, let's hope he loses sponsorship from some of the industry he supposedly represents.