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Richard C.

California Antelope Zone 4 - posted 8 months ago

I just found out that I drew this hunt with 4 points. Better to be lucky then good I guess. I figured I would just end up with a PP.

Richard C.

How to pick the right hunting backpack - posted 11 months ago

I'm a two pack guy myself because I need to be more mobile than a large pack will let me be for day hunts. My Day pack is a Badlands Super DayPack that I have had since it came out years ago. I have always brought the first load out with it and can spend a night if I have to (Sans comfort of any kind). If I'm going multiple Days I take a Cabelas Alaskan Guide Frame Pack with about 5000 cu in bag. Or use that pack to go in for second loads on my day hunts. I would however Like to upgrade that pack with one of the new systems but $500-$700 for the new stuff keeps me in my current set up and pretty happy.