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Freeze-dried food taste test: Peak Refuel Edition! - posted 2 weeks ago

Chicken Alfredo Pasta is hands down my favorite of all commercial freeze dried meals. I've eaten it in the office at work

Mystery Ranch Pintler Backpack Giveaway With Randy Newberg - posted 10 months ago

Done! Thanks for another great giveaway

Wild Migrations, Atlas of Wyoming’s Ungulates - posted 1 year ago

Just got my book today. Really glad you guys recommended it.

3 common mistakes when running trail cameras - posted 1 year ago

Great article. Unfortunately I run my cameras in areas that get a decent amount of hikers and other people. When out walking, it seems that everyone focuses on things waist to head high. I have had a few cameras stolen, messed with or cards removed, in the past. I started putting my cameras higher up and angling them down towards the area I want to cover. I normally carry 2-3 climbing sticks whenever I am placing cams, and knock on wood, I haven't had any issues in a couple of years. Most of my cameras are 7-8 feet up now.

One other thing I learned was to plan for plant growth throughout the year. I run my cams all Summer until early September. There have been a few times that leaves or branches have grown enough to trigger my camera every time it is windy. Nothing worse than going through 1,000+ pictures of a maple leaf waving at you.

8 people just won a Stone Glacier EVO 40/56 backpack - posted 1 year ago

Congrats Everyone!