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Groups unite over plan for wild horse and burro management - posted 11 months ago

Once again, feelings over science and financial reality. Bunny hugging at it's best! Another wacko socialist answer for people with too much money and time on their hands. Make them into steaks, burgers, or pet food!

Montana bill to make bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat once in a lifetime licenses - posted 1 year ago

Have at least 10 points in 9 states. Am getting older. Lucked out on a random tag in Utah. Because of points creep may die before I draw another. If we don't go to a hybrid mixed type of draw, no younger folks will apply. Pretty simple to see. Tags that can be transferred from older family members to kids is baloney. Sheep tags going to old folks who can't walk is baloney. Shooting a moose, goat, or, sheep, or for that matter any animal on your kids tag is baloney. Let kids apply just like adults for male species. They should learn early about struggle. They should accept temporary and minor letdowns. Everyone is not a winner. BUT, The point system is broken. It is a money grab at this time. Point fees are sky rocketing, while the game departments can't provide the promised product. If you are rich, just buy a governors tag in WA state for over $100,000. I say just hunt, as often as possible with what ya got and press these game departments to make the draw a hybrid mix and reasonable for all.

Colorado wants public input on big game management - posted 1 year ago

Love the anti hunting rant. Hunters have footed the bill for conservation since early 1900's. Most big game animals where quite rare by late 1800's due to unrestrained market hunting. Hunters, hunter donations, regulated hunting seasons, and taxes on firearms have changed that picture. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and state game departments have moved elk back to states where they were effectively extirpated. All other hunting organizations have poured time, money, and sweat into making the North American hunting model the envy of the world. Quit crying and do something productive. There are givers and takers in this world. The anti's are generally takers.

Colorado Big Game Unit 21 - posted 1 year ago

Hunted deer in unit 21, 2nd season. Place was crawling with elk and deer hunters. Drought and hunting pressure made it very difficult. I advise having a deer staked out, before the season. Saw at least 150 bucks. Nothing over 150. Only resident bucks in the 2nd season. 170 buck is possible in this season...... maybe. Do not pass if you see one. Migration herd will show up in 3rd season... maybe. Hunt is oversubscribed. Not worth more than 3 non res points in my opinion. I wasted 9, and the worst mistake in my hunting history of 54 years. Stay away from any roads if possible. atvs and utvs were like ants. Best deer are holed up within 1st day of season. seems like there were 6 scouts for every tag. Not a quality hunt. Better units with less points. Unit is living on past performance. Saw 10 bucks harvested, would only go 120 score on the largest. AVOID THE SECOND SEASON TILL THEY STOP OVER SUBSCRIBING TAGS.

Montana Big Game Unit 704 - posted 1 year ago

704 and 705 are general units for deer, and limited draw for elk or antelope". If you apply for a non-resident deer combo It can be used in any general deer unit(can take one deer, not one of each species), can hunt birds and go fishing. You can apply for a non resident big game combo and get elk tag, deer tag, birds, and fishing. Big game combos were gone the 1st day of the drawing on Mar 15th, 2018. Not sure about deer combos. In the near future, tags will generally be gone the 1st day of the draw on March 15th of the hunt year. Behooves applicants to plan well ahead in all states from now on.