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Short Film Release: WILD SHEEP - posted 3 years ago

Thank you, Mr. Rowley for bringing a positive message about hunting and conservation to a new audience. It is refreshing to see a "mainstream" personality take a stand for hunting heritage, and portraying sportsmen in a positive light. Especially in California, having the likes of Geoff Rowley and Joe Rogan supporting responsible hunting for the right reasons on a broad platform does so much to educate the uninformed about how important the western model for conservation is. Hat's off to you sir; great film, and a greater message.

The political spiral of mountain lions in California - posted 4 years ago

J.R. Y. Thanks for your input. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know all there is to know about mountain lions, or the intricacies of their management over the last 50 years; which is precisely what drove me to learn more about the topic. I agree with the sentiment that true anti hunters won't be turned. We can however work to improve the perception of hunting to those who are indifferent or simply uninformed. I started writing articles in public forum for this purpose. It is my hope that we can present hunting in a manner that shows that sportsmen are good stewards.

Indoor practice: The surefire approach to better shooting - posted 4 years ago

All to often, I hang up my bow during winter months and write it off to being too busy and having poor weather. Thanks for inspiring me to keep shooting. It is always inspiring to see others working harder to be their best!

inSIGHTS With The Founder: INSIDER 1yr anniversary - posted 4 years ago

As a recent "insider," I am blown away at the information made available, and how easy it is to narrow my search for the right tag. I am anxiously awaiting the draw odds update; I have some Colorado deer points burning a hole in my pocket!

Getting close: Bear hunt at under 3 yards - posted 4 years ago

Awesome story, it's too bad that so many states have outlawed hunting bears with hounds; it makes for such an awesome experience!