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I am severely allergic to hunting - posted 2 years ago

Thanks so much for the article! We just had a situation with my 7 year old daughter and I'm glad I came across your article. She went for her first deer hunt with us this Saturday and touched the deer hide (white tail) when we were taking pics. She had a small reaction (runny & itchy eyes) but nothing scary. Then about 4 days later she was helping her dad with the hide and reacted again...but this time her eyes were swollen completely shut. I don't remember if she's been in contact with white-tail before, but I'm pretty sure she's been in contact with mule deer in the past and only minor contact with antelope or elk (maybe a finger touching the hide). Does one species bother you more than another? Thanks again! She's very concerned about not being able to hunt with us, so I'll let her know that you found a way to make it work!