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Thomas C.

Biggest giveaway of the year — 12 Days of INSIDER - posted 3 months ago

congratulations to the winners so far

Thomas C.

How to safely and efficiently fly with your rifle or bow - posted 5 months ago

I always accompany my rifle to be checked by the TSA. At the airport here in Houston you used to be able to watch them open the case, but they have now changed where they do the check. I was able to convince them to check it, then bring it back to me, so that I could make sure all was still there before locking with NON-TSA locks. NEVER use TSA locks on a firearm, you should be the only one able to access that case. I have done this for domestic and international flights with firearms and never had an issue.

TSA does not need to check the bow, when you check in at the airline counter, tell them it is a bow, they will probably ask to see it, so open the case for them to confirm and then lock it. Again, use NON-TSA locks. The zip tie on the strings is a great idea as well, I will be doing that from now on.

Thomas C.

Our biggest giveaway of the year — The 12 Days of INSIDER - posted 1 year ago

somebody in the right city/state won, just got the name wrong. Oh well, 9 more to go.