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Proposed wildfire breaks detrimental to wildlife and habitat - posted 7 months ago

Intense livestock grazing would be the best way to accomplish this. Cost a lot less too, considering it's most likely on land already allotted to grazing permits. Ranchers are paying to pasture it, why not use them instead incurring incredibly high equipment costs. But the government can't use grazing, the naive and misinformed public would raise to much hell over such a common sense solution. Of course that's part of the reason this problem exists in the first place....

Does the cost of wild game meat pencil out? - posted 1 year ago

Interesting take on this subject. You have two glaring assumptions in my opinion. One, that grass fed or organic meat, which are not even close to the same thing, are significantly better than all other types of meat. Two, you classified all meat production in the US as factory farming, without defining factory farming. As a rancher in the West, I would argue that raising beef out here is not factory farming in the sense it's alluded to in your article. A beef animal being killed at a plant is much more humane than the way the majority of game animals are taken in my experience.

I will concede that beef is much more expensive across the board, and I'm sure if you used only beef as the example vs. wild game the savings would be even greater in favor of the hunter.

Where did you get the stat of how many animals the average American meat eater 'kills' a year? I eat meat every day of the year and I'm quite positive I don't even come close to 'killing' 300. Again, very interesting article, thanks.