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Jody W.

Idaho considers big changes to nonresident hunting - posted 8 months ago

These stories cut both ways with me. Wildlife managers asked to do more, with less. Governments charge more, take it away from the Agencies and use it to subsidize other programs. I am going Moose hunting in Ontario next week. If i harvest a moose, I have to buy an Export Permit to get home with it. Just another $35 fee. I hope i have to pay it, but on its face its just another money grab. Round and round we go. States want the federal dollars as mentioned below, but most of the time, residents don't think about that. myself included. The road I take to work and to hunt out west has federal funding, i'm sure. Hunting pressure is everywhere. Its hard to buy into the declining number of hunters when the orange army invades an area. Some people need to realize that the businesses in some of the remote areas that we frequent depend on the sporting revenue to keep afloat. You shut out the non-residents and maybe that gas station you fill up at wont be there next year. i guess my point to all this is we still need to stick together and keep in mind that divided we fall. Hope you all have a great hunting season.

Jody W.

Montana landowner wins road access lawsuit - posted 9 months ago

i ran in to this issue in Colorado last year and Wyoming a few years earlier. In Colorado, they put up some fence posts and put no tresspassing signs on them where the forest treeline began, when the maps and OnX put the property line 4-500 yards away. In Wyoming, I have seen fences moved to surround water holes and effectively make them private. I get people who own property protecting there property. I own hunting ground and its not fun watching someone walk through when you have signs posted. As with public ground people who arent so nice, there are private land owners who arent so nice. People are people, some good some bad. This sounds like a situation where the RMEF should get involved here.

Jody W.

Colorado voters may get to decide on wolf recovery - posted 1 year ago

I don't think most people are actually afraid of the wolf attacks, per say, but they do change the dynamic. I hunted north of Rawlins Wyoming alittle while ago. No one mentioned wolves before i went, but did i get an earful from the locals. From talking to people closer to the CO/WY border, they act like the wolves are already in northern Colorado.