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Tavis R.

Could there be a wolf reintroduction initiative on the Colorado ballot? - posted 11 months ago

Wolves decimate big game herds. This is very well documented in the Greater Yellowstone Area whee moose populations have been reduced by around 90% and elk numbers reduced by around 80%. That is a direct impact to the G&F and all the businesses that relied on that annual income in those areas. Look at the extreme reduction of moose and elk tags in Western Wyoming since the introduction of the Canadian and Alaskan gray wolf.

Wolves kill the old, young, weak, sick and everything in between. They kill to eat and they kill for fun. There are numerous documented mass killings of livestock and wildlife by wolves where they didn’t even eat the animals they killed. There are documented cases where wolves target and pull down pregnant elk and moose and ripping the fetus from the still living mother’s wombs.

Wolves are documented to carry diseases that impact wildlife, livestock and people. Rabies, distemper, parvo, mange, and tapeworms that cause hydatid disease. Recent studies indicate that the prions that cause CWD can pass through wolves digestive system and be spread by their feces. With the distances travelled by wolves, these diseases are being more widely distributed. Hydatid disease is very spooky due to the length of time the cysts can remain viable after defecation and how easily it can be transmitted. That one disease alone should be reason enough for the re-eradication of wolves from the lower 48.

Wolf supporters have developed very strong arguments for introduction of more wolves in the lower 48 (particularly Colorado). They have developed studies that state that wolves have helped the environment by removing all the ungulates. This is a false narrative. The reduction of ungulates has increased the rate of vegetative succession by allowing for increased woody shrub growth in the meadows that were prime grazing areas. This will result in more mature stands of pine that will in turn result in greater fire hazard in the future.

They have developed studies with extremely skewed data indicating that wolves provide more income to the economy than hunting. In Colorado, the studies indicate that “wildlife watching” is worth $2.9 billion while hunting is only worth $800 million to the economy. Colorado Parks and Wildlife actually advertised those numbers excessively to get increases to license fees passed recently in the legislature Any guesses as to where this is leading?

No, the introduction of non-native Canadian and Alaskan gray wolves is not a good idea. Not in Colorado nor in any other of the lower 48 states.

Tavis R.

Senate passes massive conservation bill for positive gain - posted 1 year ago

Would love to see all National Parks and National Monuments open up for hunting rather than spending tax money on hired killers and/or wolves to manage game animals on our public lands.

Tavis R.

Oregon hunter used rifle, not bow, for record buck - posted 1 year ago

The title of the article is wrong. This guy is not a hunter. He obviously found this great buck during archery season and decided to cheat and use a rifle. That action then prevented anyone else hunting legally to have a chance at this animal. Premeditated Poaching.

The title should be "Poacher in Oregon Used Rifle not Bow for Trophy Buck"

Tavis R.

Wyoming men charged with antler poaching - posted 1 year ago

I am glad to see State Game and Fish Departments finally taking action on early bird shed hunting. These guys are pushing the animals at the time of the year when they are at their weakest to get the antlers the earliest.

After seeing guys chase bucks with snow machines in deep snow in Colorado several years ago just to get them to drop their antlers and, in some cases pushing an exhausted buck till he just stopped and then knocking the antlers off it is sickening. Thankfully, Colorado has finally imposed a closed season for shed hunting and I hope that they hit guys like that with everything they can!

I thought the fines were too light! $1,550 is nothing! They should have been hit with pretty hefty fines for trespassing and for illegally picking up shed antlers in the off season. It does not sound like their vehicles were confiscated but they should have been. Heck, the fines should have been more along the lines of $20,000 each and confiscation of the snow machines and pickup truck.

How many dead elk and deer do these guys leave behind due to pushing them when they are at their weakest? Why should that be any different than someone shooting those animals and leaving them to rot?

Tavis R.

Our biggest giveaway of the year — The 12 Days of INSIDER - posted 1 year ago

What an awesome gift! And it showed up before Christmas! What an awesome gift from GoHunt!

Love this cooler and it will definitely be useful for hunting and fishing trips!

Thanks GoHunt!