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How to purchase Montana bonus points and preference points - posted 6 months ago

I have two questions about this topic.
1) How does a Non-Res bear tag work in regard to a NR General Hunting License. Everything seems to focused toward Deer and Elk, but I'm not sure how the General License and animal specific tags work in conjunction with each other.
2) As a Non-Res, what's the maximum number of Presence Points you can hold if you are NOT applying for a General License, since you lose a point(s) if you don't enter the draw? Meaning, if you buy a preference point one year, then the following year, you don't enter the draw, but buy another Pref Point, and repeat this in following years, will you have can you carry up to 2 Pref Points without entering the draw as one falls off each from the preceding year?

Utah Elk Limited Entry Nine Mile & Anthro - posted 1 year ago

@Raymond M.
How did the hunt go? Were you successful? Were the bulls talking at all? I'm super curious how the over all experience was for you in this unit.

Wyoming Antelope Unit 29 - posted 1 year ago

Last year I hunted in unit 16 and ran into an issue where what I thought were county roads going through private land, in an attempt to get to the small pockets of BLM, where actually private roads. A local I spoke to told me how the county stopped maintaining the roads and since they were on private land, and the property owner maintained them, they were now considered private roads and the BLM was land locked. The only people using these roads were to access the oil and gas monitoring stations, and people who worked for the private land owner.
Are the county roads and forest service roads in unit 29, that go through private land accessible to reach the large chunks of public land?