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Summer mule deer scouting for late fall hunting success: Part 2 - posted 10 months ago

What a thorough article Brady. Everything's there a hunter needs to know. Nice job.

Point Creep: What is it? Can you overcome it? and much more - posted 1 year ago

Super informative article Brady, and sobering. This is why I hope people quit lobbying states for more draw hunts. In Idaho, every new draw hunt ruins two OTC hunts in my opinion due to hunter displacement. Better for states to spend our money on habitat improvement and critical range acquisition. Thanks

Finding trophy quality deer in a non-trophy unit - posted 2 years ago

super advice Jordan, especially in this day and age of point creep. You showed what can happen if you ignore the high profile units....good job

Unit focus: What makes the Henry Mountain mule deer so famous? - posted 3 years ago

great informative article. I didn't realize the fires played such a substantial role in the comeback.

Making the most of a once in a lifetime sheep tag - posted 3 years ago

Steve, I can't believe you drew a sheep tag! Great story and thanks for taking us along