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Oregon ranchers say wolves should be delisted - posted 1 year ago

Wolf reintroduction is an emotionally charged topic. Osama H posted with raw emotional nonsense. We hunters need to keep the emotions in check while advocating for wolf management. Most of us respect and relate to wild wolves, but know management through limited hunting tags and seasons is the way to achieve balance. Human hunters have been on the wild landscape for many thousands of years. Total removal of us as ethical predators in managing rapid growing wolf populations is not natural. The current wolf situation in Eastern Oregon is out of balance. The keystone predator, which is we humans since the advent of the atlatl, are left on the sidelines with our hands tied. It's time to unleash a few of us and open up a limited wolf hunt in Eastern Oregon. I'd pay to enter that lottery tag drawing!

THE OFFSEASON — Episode 2 - posted 2 years ago

We hunters appreciate the more accurate draw odds on this site! As a sheep nut I'm always looking to better my chances of drawing a bighorn tag. I was a member of Huntin Fool for many years, and I recognized their draw odds were way off in some cases for sheep. A couple years back I looked into applying for unit 27-1 for bighorn in Idaho due to the odds of drawing being 1 in 4 as reported by the Huntin Fool. Looking into it I realized my odds as a nonresident were way lower than that. My best estimation was my odds were 1/10th of what Huntin Fool was reporting due to the nonresident tag quota being up to 10% of the total tags available. This quick mental math was better, but still not right. The Huntin Fool takes all applicants into consideration when calculating their odds for Idaho sheep, which makes their odds misleading for both residents and nonresidents. I see on goHunt my odds were 3.9% of drawing unit 27-1 in 2015, and my friends in Idaho had a 29% chance of drawing one of the 12 tags issued as residents in 2015. Yes! Finally odds for Idaho sheep that make sense! Thank you for geeking out on draw odds goHunt staff.