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Kevin B.

Ticks annihilate New England moose - posted 3 years ago

It is sad to see this occurring. I rarely see them each time I travel back to NH now. During the 90's and early 2000's they were quite prevalent and so cool to look at.

Kevin B.

Dec. INSIDER giveaway: 4 Browning X-Bolt Rifles - posted 3 years ago

This is an exciting giveaway! Thanks again GOHUNT!

Kevin B.

KUIU changing camo patterns? - posted 3 years ago

I too am a fan of the Kuiu line. I have a little of both original patterns, and see the new Verde 2.0 as a transition camouflage pattern between the original patterns (as pointed out already). With that being said, I see great prospects in having Kuiu keep all 3 patterns. My concern is that if they focus solely on the transitional area of timber line and above, they will lose a segment of their consumers in no time.

The other point is that the Army selected the multi-cam pattern because they have been searching for a universal camo pattern, and have thus far struck out (blending into floral couches and gravel pits does not equal successful camo). The Marine Corps has ran with 2 digital patterns for the past 14 years now; they recognized that a universal pattern is not realistic at this time. Surely the DARPA programs will be able to have photo cells on uniforms that will make US military members "invisible" in the future. In the mean time, it is whatever works best to the current conditions you face, and whatever you can afford...Be interesting how the photo cells will deal with outline...

Kevin B.

Initial thoughts on KUIU’s new summer 2016 products - posted 3 years ago

They all look impressive...I have never been let down by a product that Kuiu puts out. The boned out meat bags will be added to my list!

Kevin B.

November INSIDER giveaway: 10 KUIU backpacks - posted 4 years ago

Each month I patiently wait my name to be drawn for these fantastic giveaways!