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Proposed development in Colorado could harm bighorn sheep herds - posted 2 months ago

@Joseph N: I don’t know the detailed history of the tract in question but I would be shocked if the land at issue was open to public access when it was owned Colorado DOT. Generally DOT property is not open to public use or recreation of any kind unless it’s a public right of way and even then it’s only for travel, so this isn’t really emblematic of the transfer of public land to private owners (a notion I also oppose).

The objectionable nature of this proposal is really more rooted in the impacts to wildlife (net of meaningful mitigation, if any) and the community’s need for affordable housing.

@ Marshall L: Not a bad thought but based on the Denver Post article linked above it seems an equally suitable tract for this development in town would be cost prohibitive ($10 million +). Theoretically the city could subsidize the development with a below market sales price but that opens up a can worms because of the lost opportunity to generate higher tax revenue on that land with a higher and more productive use (opportunity cost); if this practice was adopted by the City it could possibly result in an increase in city and property taxes to cover the shortfall which would in turn increase housing costs.

I am not a local and don’t have strong opinions on the matter but based on what I have read I would probably oppose this specific development. But that does not mean the need for affordable housing is not a real issue or that it’s the fault of Vail Resorts or developers or the rich.

Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 9 months ago

I think Shaul will learn that hard way that making "bright line" categorical generalizations regarding morality and legality of the distance in which a hunter engages his prey is unproductive at best. I read this article thinking it might be about an organization I could get behind based on the title. As a nonresident hunter interested in hunting in the state Wyoming I think it would be pretty dumb for me to support this organization. At least Shaul recognizes that fact.

Tips on proper hand placement while shooting a rifle - posted 9 months ago

@ Brady.. Very well done Sir!

New Mexico Big Game Unit 53 - posted 1 year ago

@ Salvador,

Sounds great. Shoot me an email when you can at and we will connect. Thanks!

New Mexico Big Game Unit 53 - posted 1 year ago

I am hunting this unit during first rifle elk season this fall (2018). Has anyone hunted there and feel like passing on some tips? Thanks!