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Tactics for bowhunting rutting mule deer - posted 1 month ago

The one book every archery mule deer hunter should read was written in 1985, by Dwight Schuh... "Hunting Open Country Mule Deer: A Guide for Taking Western Bucks with Rifle and Bow". RIP Dwight.

Immediate ban on killing wolves near Denali National Park - posted 1 year ago

My taxidermist buddy begs to differ.

8 people just won a Stone Glacier EVO 40/56 backpack - posted 1 year ago

Congrats to the winners! Now I have to BUY one.

BLM to auction off 304 square miles of public land in Nevada - posted 2 years ago

Poor judgement by gohunt. Disappointed.

Colorado’s controversial predator plan under fire - posted 2 years ago


Very good point Bob. These "Environmental Groups" are quite insincere, arrogant and misguided.