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Trio charged with poaching eight mule deer in Colorado - posted 1 month ago

I usually don't post, but I agree, this is hardly a penalty. Such abuse of wildlife should be closer to a lifetime of banned hunting, felony's and large fines. It sounds like they hit the kid with the brunt of it, but you know the adults were well aware of it, likely taught the kid everything he knew. I hope they keep digging and hit the father with massive fines and punishments. Like someone said before, for less than half the cost of the gear/weapon cost I wear into the woods, you can poach 8 animals.... heck some out of state tags alone cost 2 grand....

New Mexico bill makes poaching a felony - posted 2 years ago

Agree... Even the Nevada case that was just sentenced I wish they would have been harsher. The fine was nice, but according to what I read he will be hunting again in 6 years. Slap a lifetime band on cases where it was blatant poaching like that!