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Are game bags worth it? - posted 4 months ago

I was glad to hear about your buddies with the plastic bags. We hunt late-season and debone all our animals on the spot then divy the meat into 3 to 10 gallon food grade Ziploc bags and drop them into our packs. This has worked fantastic for years. No mess, no blood and they go straight into the coolers like that. If it was hot this would not be a good system but at the time that we hunt preventing freezingis more of an issue than heat so it works great. There's always someone telling us that this isn't a good way to do it but they never have an explanation for why so we just smile and continue to enjoy our meat.

Sleeping Pad Durability — The goHUNT Stress Test - posted 2 years ago

I would say the most telling they in the test, given that they all were more than durable enough, is that he couldn't feel the ground while walking on the Big Agnes Q core. I would argue that comfort is the most important thing in sleeping pad. Keep up the equipment testing and maybe add full reviews. You could rate comfort, cost, pack weight, size, and durability for example.