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Nathan M.

Nez Perce Tribe bighorn sheep not recognized as state record - posted 10 months ago

@ Pat. F I completely agree with you. Maybe in the future they will have management and fair regulations for the species harvested on tribal lands. I am not sure how you would even get that started and it would be like walking on egg shells due to how soft our country is becoming. Regardless of how most of us feel about the situation it is still an amazing animal and I understand both views. I think Idaho is doing the correct thing as well as B&C. I will be lucky enough to see it on display here in Springfield, MO.

Nathan M.

Missouri considers limited elk hunting season - posted 10 months ago

I was hoping the numbers would be higher before they institute a season. Why not wait till the number was larger and have residents physically check them in for a more accurate number of harvest, instead of telecheck?