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ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 month ago

I am disgusted with the proposed changes to the WY draw structure. Luckily I should still be ahead of the curve for a General Elk tag and will likely cash in on it instead of waiting for the already resident dominated Limited Entry permit I had been saving for. I cannot see continuing to play their games after I cash in.

Montana Big Game Unit 240 - posted 3 years ago

Does this mean this unit will be unavailable to an over the counter big game combo purchase for mule deer?

Montana Big Game Unit 316 - posted 3 years ago

Can you get this combo tag over the counter?

Utah Mule Deer General Unit 8 - posted 3 years ago

Are the elk herds really that poor here? Trophy quality at rag horn? There has got to be some better elk in this range

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2017: Wyoming Elk - posted 3 years ago

Please help, consider my scenario. i bought an elk preference point in late 2015 or January 2016 (cant remember exact date), then accidently missed the 2016 deadline of October 31. So going into this years draw I have only the 1 pp instead of 2pp because of missing the 2016 deadline. Do i need to purchase a full price license with pref point, use a really hard to draw area as my first choice so i likely wont draw in order to have 2 points going into the 2017 season. Then purchase my third pp by the deadline of OCtober 31, 2017. OR will i not be able to purchase a point this October because of the fact that i have acquired the point via the full price license point that i would obtain? Damn, I wish i would not have missed this deadline. We are really considering the general season hunt in 2018 and would like to have 3 points going into the 2018 draw.