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Top over the counter elk hunting opportunities in the West - posted 1 year ago

Great read, Thanks Dave.

Building the ultimate hunting kill kit - posted 1 year ago

Great read! On the ground cloth, I started using the cheap 5×7 tarps they sell in the automotive department at walmart. They are like $3, so when I'm done I just throw them in the trash. They are lightweight and also double as a glassing cushion and an emergency shelter if needed!

Cooler Combustion — The goHUNT Stress Test - posted 2 years ago

I like the stress tests! You guys are having too much fun! How about a meat sack stress test? Which top of the line game bags can hold the most hanging weight?

Memories from elk hunting out West for the first time - posted 2 years ago

Congratulations! Great story. Thanks for sharing!

Idaho Fish and Game Commission propose new hunting rules - posted 2 years ago

"Money" not the game! Brady, you hit the nail on head when it comes to idf&g! I was an idaho resident the first 30 years of my life and use to go to idf&g meetings! It's sad, really sad. I remember one in particular that I asked them if they could give me a biological reason for a certain elk hunt they were doing in the north part of the state. The "biologist" looked at me and said "no I can't" they call a lot of the moves they make "creating opportunity". Translated that to no b.s. Form it means creating revenue.