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Steve G.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2018: New Mexico Elk - posted 2 years ago

Is there a way to filter units, to see which ones you are capable of doing DIY hunts? I was under the impression that New Mexico requires a guide in their Wilderness areas for non-residents. This would be very beneficial for hunters that do not want to hire a guide.

Steve G.

Wyoming Elk Unit 48 - posted 2 years ago

Is there an error here? The regular has better draw odds than Special.

Steve G.

Endless snow, action, disappointments, and adventure on a Wyoming elk hunt - posted 2 years ago


Thanks for the comments. That heavy pack on my back was full of meat, and we recovered every ounce of it. I wouldn't let the guide carry my pack out on a horse and told him I have been waiting for this pain for years, I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

I processed the steaks and roast myself, and had the rest ground. For the two elk over 500 lbs of ground elk came home and filled both our chest freezer. We had four larger coolers in my truck and they were filled with dry ice and we drove every piece home. I fed my family on it for over a year.

The trophy was seeing my family and young kids enjoy the meat in a variety of ways. In fact I took a special pride in thinking to myself that my son may be the only kid in LA County with elk meat in his lunch box. Clean, organic, free range, anti-biotic free...on and on and on.

The last few paragraphs of the essay directly pertain to procuring the meat off the mountain in a grizzly infested area. You can even see the picture of us processing the elk with the fire as light fades.

I guess on my end it was a given that the meat was processed and taken care of. The story of the hunt is the detail that is never constant in a hunt story. The processing of the meat should be generic as that is why we do this. Hope this helps with your question.