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California man convicted of poaching trophy deer - posted 1 month ago

Amazed at the people here defending this poacher. No where did it say he did it to feed his family. It shouldn't matter if he's 20 or 70.

ALERT: Idaho House approves decrease in nonresident tags, but increase in fees - posted 1 month ago

Reducing the number of NR tags and adding 10% might make up lost revenue for IDFG but they are hurting the small towns that rely on the NR to support their economies. Major fail. They listened to the hunters but not the small business owners.

Colorado's 2020-2026 new hunting season dates... how will they impact you? - posted 8 months ago

I like the changes. A couple days shaved off here and there and more time for the animals to get a break. Should be better hunting for 3rd and 4th seasons. 2nd May be better but now has a higher likelihood of being impacted by weather.

Female Draw odds are now live on INSIDER - posted 2 years ago

Am I crazy or didn’t it say it was available on the filtering 2.0 side earlier?