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An unforgettable Montana breaks sheep hunt - posted 3 years ago

Nice story and pictures. Great Ram!!
Been putting in for Montana since Moby Dick was a minnow.
May I ask which unit that was that had no roads??

Colorado tries baiting to save deer and elk - posted 3 years ago

Maybe they could use the 4.5 million to kill lions and bears for this and let the public take care of the predator study??

MT hunter fined $32,000 for illegal take of two bighorns - posted 3 years ago

Happens all the time in CO. They shoot the spike bull by mistake, shoot over the bull kill a cow.
If you turn yourself in they take the animal, fine you $69.00 and let you keep hunting.
Guess no one in position of authority in Montana ever made a mistake.

Utah DWR guilty of permitting illegal bighorn harvest - posted 3 years ago

WOW, sounds like Colofornia.
Every decision made benefits the outfitters.
For instance, left over license sales start at 8:00 on a Tuesday. No limit. I have taken a vacation day to stand in line and saw an outfitter ahead of me buy 25 tags, no limit. I step up and they say he got the last one.

Colorado tries to save deer through “predator control plan” - posted 3 years ago

So basically CO is cowering to the anti's. Just like they did when they took away our ability to bait and run bears with dogs.
When is someone in this state going to let their nuts drop and say NO, this is what we are going to do.
I live near one area. I personally numerous lion hunters that would gladly hunt there. But instead we will pay a Govmint trapper to do it. Just like we pay one every spring and summer to kill our bears, that no one gets any good out of.
Educate the public. Get the spring bear hunting statute overturned. Get enough signatures to get it back on the ballot and over turn it. Stop cowering.
So if I am reading this correctly. 15 lions and 25 bears in two different areas for three years??
That's about 19K per animal. Pathetic.