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Elk lessons from the Jarbidge - posted 5 years ago

Great article! Good job -- shows that research, preparation and quality hunting skills pays off!

The timber king - posted 5 years ago

I love this story; that is what it is all about!

Holiday traditions: Hunting mule deer in the rut - posted 5 years ago

That's what it is all about! Good job. Guy D.

Hunt of a Lifetime offered to terminally ill children - posted 5 years ago

A feel good story. I commend the Benson's for "giving when something special was taken." I would like to become a part of such an organization. Guy D.

Wolf shot by coyote hunter in Utah - posted 5 years ago

I feel really bad for the wolf even though he shot it by accident. Lani (7 years old).

I feel for the hunter. Sounds as though it was an honest mistake. If that is the case, he will learn from the mistake, be remorseful and be more careful in the future. However, he will likely receive a citation and fine -- I hope the US FWS is lenient on him. Guy D. (dad)