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Grand Teton’s mountain goat cull is underway - posted 1 month ago

Government logic at its finest. Goats that migrated in are invasive, but wolves that we transplant from Canada...not invasive.

Bowhunter mauled by black bear after hunt goes wrong - posted 1 year ago

Good guess Gary considering it happened in California and all hunters in CA are dumb a**es, right.

Does the cost of wild game meat pencil out? - posted 1 year ago

Interesting question. I don't think any Hunter really wants to do the math. One thing that isn't factored in is the fact that for many hunters hunting is their hobby. In other words instead of spending money on golf or woodworking or whatever, they spend it on hunting. Some hobbies have side benefits. Hunting is one of those when you're successful. For many years I spent thousands golfing but the only thing I brought home was a smile or a frown. Never did I bring home a chance to feed my family.

Hunting early season whitetail in Kansas - posted 1 year ago

Congrats, great story.

Oregon ranchers say wolves should be delisted - posted 1 year ago

Thanks Brady. The opposing views is fine, but not the vile hate and foul language.