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New Mexico Big Game Unit 21B - posted 2 years ago

Might want to edit your comment on leftover deer tags. There were none this year. It's why I'm not deer hunting right now and doing application research instead.

Also to the other user, I live in and hunt this unit. I can't think of any state land that's closed for hunting.

Gear Review: Binocular harness comparison - posted 2 years ago

Thanks, one thing I have hated every brand I have ever owned of. This gave me a couple new options to try next year.

THE OFFSEASON — Episode 1 - posted 3 years ago

@Steven E.

That's definitely one thing I would like to see. I would also like to see Insider filtering default to my current point levels and residency status when browsing. It's a minor irritant to be constantly setting all that. That is the one major change I would like to see.

Great product and thanks for simplifying this process. I have decided to start applying/building points an additional states now that you guys have made my life easier in the research department.

What does your yearly hunting application strategy actually cost? - posted 3 years ago

Wow, this is perfect. Thanks!

Spotting scopes: Angled vs. Straight – which design is best? - posted 3 years ago

I switched to an angled spotter for my mule deer hunt earlier this month. I am already tempted to go back to a straight, but I will give it a bit of time. I guess I tend to glass mainly from high benches and the like, and glassing down hill was an almost impossibility for me. Even though I had a better scope I think I spent less time glassing through it than I normally would. I didn't feel like I had much trouble going from my bins to my spotter as many people mentioned. That is, unless I was looking down.