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Colorado seeking information on elk poachers - posted 3 months ago

If you do know something FYI CPW usually helps other hunters out who report this kind of behavior. I know of a guy that got a bull moose tag this year for turning in a poached Moose last season.

As for the Non Resident comments. Relax. Only a few towns in the state actually notice hunter dollars now. The whole argument of we stimulate the economy is minor now considering the hikers campers leaf watchers skiers snowmobiliers, ATV folk and the rest of them stimulate year long!!! What you stimulate is the government who blows your money on dumb crap and has no intentions of management of game...just ask them they ignore intelligent comments...they want money to blow it. So thanks for feeding the government machine and sorry about your horrible hunting experience but try living here and having that every year. And then having non resident hunters tail you to see where your going. Can't hate them I know it sucks

Colorado wants public input on big game management - posted 1 year ago

They need to do this in every region in the state. Things are not as great as their marketing dictates

Colorado Big Game Unit 49 - posted 1 year ago

Kevin R. Doubt you'll draw 49 for Elk with 3 pts. 5-6 for archery seems to be the ticket lately. Also 49 isn't a great deer unit.

Some Colorado hunters will be required to turn in CWD sample - posted 1 year ago

Got my notification. I'm one of the lucky ones

Backpack Teardown — The goHUNT Stress Test - posted 1 year ago

This is definitely a ridiculous review. Granted alot of Truth in it. As far as the Badlands, Tenzing and Eberlestock ..just embarrassing. The kuiu I've seen that same frame snap as what you experienced with and elk shoulder in it. So no surprise. The SG. You had to try and twist it and bend it in...not the direction a load would not a 100% realistic, granted you admit that...and the shock there and imagine if you tried to break the NICE probably would have failed..