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Colorado wants public input on big game management - posted 7 months ago

They need to do this in every region in the state. Things are not as great as their marketing dictates

Colorado Big Game Unit 49 - posted 7 months ago

Kevin R. Doubt you'll draw 49 for Elk with 3 pts. 5-6 for archery seems to be the ticket lately. Also 49 isn't a great deer unit.

Some Colorado hunters will be required to turn in CWD sample - posted 10 months ago

Got my notification. I'm one of the lucky ones

Backpack Teardown — The goHUNT Stress Test - posted 1 year ago

This is definitely a ridiculous review. Granted alot of Truth in it. As far as the Badlands, Tenzing and Eberlestock ..just embarrassing. The kuiu I've seen that same frame snap as what you experienced with and elk shoulder in it. So no surprise. The SG. You had to try and twist it and bend it in...not the direction a load would not a 100% realistic, granted you admit that...and the shock there and imagine if you tried to break the NICE probably would have failed..

Colorado lawmakers propose 2018 Hunting, Fishing, & Parks for Future Generations Act - posted 1 year ago

While I applaud you on your thoughts there are alot if things Colorado could do to fix our problem. Non of which starts with license increase . A legislation meeting a year ago tried this and residents were fine with hike as long as there were improvements to hunting conditions and resident experience, like longer seasons for resident. To think that our economy would be killed with the lack of NR license is so interesting to me. Denver brings in Billions in revenue. Not sure as a whole Colorado would care sadly. If we took all the funds giving back from Taber act I'm sure it would cover the cost. As well as a tax on Marijuana. All things Colorado resident would largely vote for if it meant preserving public lands and wildlife. One thing about us is we are huge propenents of our public lands. And that crosses party lines.

While I see your argument the main issue here is what I said in my first comment. DNR rapes the CPW budget. Break CPW out like it was 10 years ago then alot of these problems wouldn't exist.