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A Hail Mary Elk Hunt - posted 3 weeks ago

Nice story with fine pictures.
Being young and highly motivated I believe you will easily find the grit within yourself to duplicate your efforts for many years in the future. And with each additional year I believe you and your hunting buddied with experience greater success.
My favorite picture?
The picture of the ground elk burger takes me back to a very wonderful time in my hunting career. Looks like tasty tacos tonight.

A lifetime of memories on a Montana mule deer hunt - posted 2 months ago

Really nice story.
Great pictures.
Congrats on the really fine deer rack, lifetime memories and I hope the quality meat in your freezer felt like having extra money in the bank.

Endless snow, action, disappointments, and adventure on a Wyoming elk hunt - posted 2 months ago

Steve G....congrats on a well written essay about your very wonderful guided Elk hunt in wild and wonderful Wyoming.
Those huge racks, representing your wonderful hunt memories, are something I can certainly appreciate. But I also noticed that you did not write anything about the meat recovery and the hundreds of pounds of sustenance it represents. Perhaps you didn't participate in the recovery and packing of the meat, which for many of us is about half the hunt, because you were paying for that guided hunt experience. Many hunters consider elk meat to be some of the finest tasting of all the wild game meats, and an elk can feed a family for six or more months. In addition to those wonderful elk antlers, did you fill your freezer and feed the fam with all that trophy meat?

Come to think of it, I don't remember any mention of the work involved in meat recovery and the enjoyment of eating the harvested game meat when reading any hunt report/essay on this GoHunt site. Perhaps GoHunt discourages those aspects of the hunt (?). Oh well.......

Swedish police order death of rare white moose - posted 3 months ago

So a bull moose false-charged ".... walking her dogs".
The moose false-charged what appeared to be moose-killer-wolves to that moose.....= expected and anticipated behavior = no foul.

If we killed every moose that acted momentarily aggressive in Anchorage or in Alaska....we would be unnecessarily killing a thousand+ moose per year. If every moose that momentarily acted aggressive towards only me was killed, then we would be killing 3 or 4 moose per year

Rather than kill that moose, why not temporarily ban dog walking?

While I have little patience for brown/grizzly bears that display aggression towards people, a moose in the situation briefly described clearly gets a pass for that behavior.

Coping after losing an animal - posted 3 months ago

Dave B......thanks for your well written and very well thought out article about this most sensitive of topics.
At first I simply "scanned it". Then I read it. And now I'm gonna go back and digest it again.