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Update on New Mexico guide shoot-out - posted 6 days ago

Yo Murray, concerning your previous FAKE NEWS and get the TRUTH comments.......your gonna need a bigger wall.

New potential nontypical archery Coues deer World Record - posted 3 weeks ago

While it is certainly wonderful to read what Terry said about his fathers knowledge, character, and give yourself credit for gittin that job done. It was YOU who invested resources in your equipment. It was you (based on your training and past influences) who invested the time training and shooting your equipment. It was you who researched the area you hunted. It was YOU who build the body capable of navigating the rough terrain. And it was YOU who developed the mental toughness capable of these types of hunts. It was YOU who made a controlled and accurate shot while your heart was racing. And it was you and your hunting buddy who methodically tracked and recovered the buck following the arrow strike. While your father may be the only person on earth more proud of the accomplishment than you are, Terry, it was YOU who put the complete package together that resulted in that incredible buck! Congratulations!!!
(And your young enough and motivated enough to do it got all the right stuff.)

Wyoming guide under fire for leaving pack horse behind - posted 4 weeks ago

I'm feeling that the guide crew made the right decision as they evaluated the incident facts at that time. It is always so easy to look back and be critical, but that crew was on the trail, on the ground, and made the decision in real-time. While it is unfortunate that the horse was lost for six weeks, Valentine will be a great mountain horse in the future because of that experience.

A breakdown of all four sheep species - posted 1 month ago

What a fine and comprehensive great and grand as the sheep truly are!

Update on New Mexico guide shoot-out - posted 1 month ago

1) L.E. to participants..." What intoxicants were used prior to this incident?"

2) Guides to Client-Hunters..."Thanks for the (bullet) tip, but I prefer hundred dollar bills."

3) Client-Hunters to Contracting Guide-Outfitter..."After we paid for a full hunt, and in view of this shortened hunt, do we get to return next year for free?"

4) Contracting Guide-Outfitter to his crew of assistants..."Following the exponential increase of the required guide insurance, it appears we are now out of business!"

Mo, anyone?