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Hunting show duo convicted of poaching bull elk - posted 1 week ago

How strange that these guys felt they needed to have "on-film camera kills" to have a successful TV show. Everybody knows that to have a successful TV show you also need a trim, young(ish) female with pretty eyes, big diamonds in hers ears, and lots of make-up. The type of TV host that never sweats with hard hiking, never grunts under a heavy pack load, and absolutely never gets a speck of blood on her perfectly manicured fingernails. Their fines these guys received for the illegal activity should be doubled simply for having an inadequate basic business plan.

What happened to California’s Shasta wolf pack? - posted 1 week ago

"Say Hello To My Little Friend."
(It will only sting for a second.)

Will the winter kill of 2017 be one for the records? - posted 2 weeks ago

Dave B....a fine and informative read. And around May or June (???) I'm hoping you write a follow-up piece that outlines the actual winter kill.

SO, while the winter kill threat is disturbing, it almost sounds odd to not be expecting yet another year of drought conditions.

Oregon wolves rebound - posted 2 weeks ago

What a shame....Oregon wild meat-it's whats for dinner.

Montana lawmakers ask Wyoming to close elk feedgrounds - posted 3 weeks ago

And don't forget that those "Feed Lots" help maintain an abnormally high number of elk available in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to feed that population of wolves. And Yellowstone tourists just love seeing those national park wolves.