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How to purchase Wyoming preference points - posted 1 month ago

Thanks for the reminder Brady....been busy fishing Kenai River rainbows and silvers and I could have/would have forgot about the WY Pref. Pt. purchase deadline.
Thanks again.

Trail Kreitzer’s 2019 Nevada early season archery antelope hunting gear list - posted 3 months ago

I would bring another giant cooler filled with ice. Although it's been awhile, back in my Wyoming days I shot some antelope. While I'm sure there are those who will disagree with me, and I'm generally a big advocate of wild game meat care and cooking, I'm one of those guys who never really developed a taste for antelope meat. It isn't anything like elk, sheep, or moose. But on my last antelope hunt I brought a big cooler filled with ice. When I shot an antelope that year I had the meat chilled on ice within 45 minutes of the kill, and that meat was quite good. Just a though.

Brady Miller's 2019 Montana spring bear hunt gear list - posted 5 months ago, a very comprehensive list!

My only suggestion would be five or six pounds of salt so that the first black bear shot can be "field processed" while your hunting buddy(s) hunt for additional bears. If this is a backpack hunt, and considering the amount of gear you listed, not many hunters will be able to allocate any additional pounds in their pack for salt. However, if one hikes/backpacks many miles from a vehicle for many days, especially if the spring weather is warm, salt for the pelt should be a consideration. This suggestion based on the 54 brown/grizzly bears and 8 black bears pelts I have field processed in remote areas of Alaska. And again, if one hunts close to their vehicle or if the weather is cold, or at least cool, then salt might not be necessary. Also, I guess salt isn't necessary if a hunter does not care about the pelt.

And oh yeah......while sheep meat cooks just fine on an alder stick over an open fire, I like to know that my bear meat is absolutely completely cooked well done. Therefore, for backstrap bear meat I prefer a tiny backpack frying pan.

Caring for your game bags after a hunt - posted 1 year ago

Fine piece of writing Brady. Now the GoHunt community knows how to wash dirty things, and this new skill can now be added to our "hunting tool box" so we can become more complete hunters and outdoorsmen.
.......just fascinating!

My name is Brady Miller and I have severe target panic - posted 1 year ago

Dear Brady,

Well you clearly wrote a fine article. I believe every word was spelled correctly.
Considering the amount of time that you have invested in your unsuccessful quest to cure your target panic, I'm thinking that you should just stick to stuff that you are good at. You know, just stick to journalism and participate in as many spelling contest as you have time for.
Similar to me and my poor basketball skills, perhaps shooting at stuff with your archery gear just isn't your game.

OK, seriously...I thought the self deprecating approach to the article was funny and interesting. So, OK, seriously...are you like some kind of a ten time national archery champion?

Yours truly