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Swedish police order death of rare white moose - posted 6 days ago

So a bull moose false-charged ".... walking her dogs".
The moose false-charged what appeared to be moose-killer-wolves to that moose.....= expected and anticipated behavior = no foul.

If we killed every moose that acted momentarily aggressive in Anchorage or in Alaska....we would be unnecessarily killing a thousand+ moose per year. If every moose that momentarily acted aggressive towards only me was killed, then we would be killing 3 or 4 moose per year

Rather than kill that moose, why not temporarily ban dog walking?

While I have little patience for brown/grizzly bears that display aggression towards people, a moose in the situation briefly described clearly gets a pass for that behavior.

Coping after losing an animal - posted 1 week ago

Dave B......thanks for your well written and very well thought out article about this most sensitive of topics.
At first I simply "scanned it". Then I read it. And now I'm gonna go back and digest it again.

The blind way in for elk - posted 2 weeks ago

Justin....congrats on your bull and this well written and well illustrated story. You took me along all the way and I was there with you until you wrote... "But I wasn't looking forward to the next day's pack out".
Ummmm, Why not?
You planned and prepared for 11 months. And that included both physical and mental conditioning trainings? Right?
So why were you not looking forward to the pack out? Isn't the work involved with packing out the meat the best part of a backcountry hunt?
Best of luck in the next 30+- years of remote backpack hunting!

Biggest lessons learned in the backcountry - posted 3 weeks ago

"...I am also not that young at age 31 (older folks, please hold the laughter)."
Surely your joshing me, Josh. I tried to suppress the laughter, but couldn't. At thirty-something I'm thinking that the only time a mountain athlete should feel really exhausted will be packing out a boned-out mule deer when climbing through a 9500 foot high mountain pass. But even with that chuckle I enjoyed your entire article. Never stop training and conditioning and you can still be packing out sheep into your fifties and sixties (if you can work through the lower back pain).
Again, everything you said is of value for all of the backcountry hunters in the mountain west and Alaska.

Outdoor Channel star guilty of poaching Wyoming elk - posted 4 months ago

So Papa Busbice found a trouble in Wyoming and got his show, Wildgame Nation, kicked off the Outdoor Channel. His boys will simply start a new show, maybe call it Wildgame Tribe. Perhaps the new show will feature another huge personality with Papa Busbice simply re-dying his hair and beard-this time perhaps red- and being introduced as their weird uncle Ernie.