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Update on New Mexico guide shoot-out - posted 1 week ago

1) L.E. to participants..." What intoxicants were used prior to this incident?"

2) Guides to Client-Hunters..."Thanks for the (bullet) tip, but I prefer hundred dollar bills."

3) Client-Hunters to Contracting Guide-Outfitter..."After we paid for a full hunt, and in view of this shortened hunt, do we get to return next year for free?"

4) Contracting Guide-Outfitter to his crew of assistants..."Following the exponential increase of the required guide insurance, it appears we are now out of business!"

Mo, anyone?

Update on New Mexico guide shoot-out - posted 1 week ago

How od for hunters and guides to find yet another way to "shoot themselves in the foot", or wherever. The final report should be fascinating. Appears the damn desperados were themselves.

Doubling up on Arizona Coues deer - posted 1 week ago

Happy Young Hunters.....ain't nothing better than that.....a fun read.

3 year elk journey — lifetime of memories - posted 2 weeks ago

A rodeo with one of the pack horses, only one broken bow quiver, and only one small broken bone during a 36 hour breakdown & extraction of a fine 335 B&C pt 7X7 bull elk....................sounds almost perfect to me. Congrats on the entire team victory that you and your posse of pals contributed to.
This is the type of story that I want to read in GoHunt!

Dennis / Anchorage, Alaska

Season-long pursuit for Montana's high country bucks - posted 3 weeks ago

A really fine article about some tough, enthusiastic hunters who worked really hard, learned and re-learned a ton of stuff, and whacked out three impressive bucks. I can almost smell those mule deer backstraps on the grill! Well, I can smell backstraps, but those are my moose backstrap steaks .While I'm seldom impresses when I hear of 600 years shots, I still believe GOHUNT needs more articles with great pictures, interesting writing, and with information that all of us can learn or re-learn from