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Outdoor Channel star guilty of poaching Wyoming elk - posted 2 months ago

So Papa Busbice found a trouble in Wyoming and got his show, Wildgame Nation, kicked off the Outdoor Channel. His boys will simply start a new show, maybe call it Wildgame Tribe. Perhaps the new show will feature another huge personality with Papa Busbice simply re-dying his hair and beard-this time perhaps red- and being introduced as their weird uncle Ernie.

Black bears in Alaska maul two in rare attacks - posted 3 months ago

Yo Josey...why did you guess that the Bird Ridge rouge black bear would be bigger than 250 pounds?

AK F&G spokesman Ken Marsh reported that four bears have been lethally removed from the Bird Ridge area and that "the fourth, an estimated 180-pound adult male black bear, had a gunshot wound to the jaw". That would be the bear that was initially shot and wounded at the scene of the attack. ( A park ranger had shot the black bear found refusing to leave the site of Patrick "Jack" Cooper's body on Sunday.)

Imagine the damage that a 50 pound Pit Bull dog can inflict on a human. Any bear, even a smallish bear, Black or Brown, has the potential to be inconceivable fierce and vicious.

Uncomplicating the intricate endeavor that is backpack hunting - posted 3 months ago

As a veteran of at least 60 personal and professional backpack hunts.............
And having carried way too many moose and elk hind quarters..........
And having lugged a few too many raw brown bear pelts..........
As well as 32 backpack hunt treks involving the recovery of both my camp and part or all of a de-boned ram..........
I urge you to be aware of L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, and S1.
Back injuries are forever. Percocet helps. Back surgery sucks.
Have a nice day,

The perfect Wyoming hunting storm - posted 3 months ago

I think my version of this story was missing a paragraph, or something.
You mention that the "other hunters" got a deer with an outside spread of 36 inches, and you mention that your wife shot a buck that grossed 190. Yet you failed to say anything about the outside spread measurement or gross score of your fine buck.
So your pictures illustrate that you shot a truly sensational buck, and I congratulate you on that accomplishment.
And while your story was well written, I can't help but wonder why it is incomplete.

Hunting is worth much more than the trophy - posted 4 months ago

Great Story. Great Hunt. Super great bull.
This is the type of hunting story, guided or do-it-yourself, that keeps me coming back to GoHunt.
And oh yeah, it's alright to tell us the B&C/P&Y score total. Sometimes pictures are harder to score than the actual beast.
Again, my compliments on your writing-guiding-hunting.