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Caring for your game bags after a hunt - posted 4 months ago

Fine piece of writing Brady. Now the GoHunt community knows how to wash dirty things, and this new skill can now be added to our "hunting tool box" so we can become more complete hunters and outdoorsmen.
.......just fascinating!

My name is Brady Miller and I have severe target panic - posted 6 months ago

Dear Brady,

Well you clearly wrote a fine article. I believe every word was spelled correctly.
Considering the amount of time that you have invested in your unsuccessful quest to cure your target panic, I'm thinking that you should just stick to stuff that you are good at. You know, just stick to journalism and participate in as many spelling contest as you have time for.
Similar to me and my poor basketball skills, perhaps shooting at stuff with your archery gear just isn't your game.

OK, seriously...I thought the self deprecating approach to the article was funny and interesting. So, OK, seriously...are you like some kind of a ten time national archery champion?

Yours truly

Replaceable vs. fixed blade knives - posted 6 months ago

Opps--make that a small folding knife for cutting my cheese and "MOOSE-abou" sausage, not "mouse-abou"............
But if I did skin and quarter a mouse, or consume mouse sausage, I would use a very tiny Havalon.

Replaceable vs. fixed blade knives - posted 6 months ago

I use a Havalon for backpack hunts for sheep, deer, and goats. And the Havalon is used for caping and the detail work done on all heads.
I use two fixed blades for caribou, black bears, brown bears, and elk.
I use three fixed blades for moose.
And of course I use a small single blade folding Gerber knife for cutting my cheese and "mouse-abou" sausage at lunchtime.

The mountain hunting adrenaline high - posted 7 months ago

Hi Randy,
I enjoyed your hunting story as well as the many fine pictures. Although you reported that you recovered the horns and cape, you didn't mention anything concerning the recovery of any of the meat. So................
While I understand that many mountain goats are shot for the wonderful trophy horns and cape, did you and your hunter recover any of the trophy meat?
How much trophy meat do you generally get off a mature billy?
What does it taste like? And can you compare its taste to any other game animal?

Dennis... in Alaska