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New petition to give 25% of Nevada tags to max point holders - posted 2 weeks ago

Interesting comments so far. But I have four questions for Gary H. concerning his comments.

#1) What should those individuals with more than 10 preference points have their heads examined for?
#2 ) What opportunities with their family and friends have they misses out on? And how do you know what they have or have not missed out on?
#4) Concerning your statement "That is on them"...what does that mean? Or rather, what exactly is it that is on them?

Again, your comments are really interesting Gary.

CO fines residents for feeding deer in backyard and house - posted 1 month ago

"Throw the book at em", to include both heavy fines, jail time, and tar & feathers! Of course a warning and a little bit of education would not have convinced them to stop these heinous acts of lawless wildlife feeding. Law and Order All The Way Baby!

Staying in the game - posted 2 months ago

Gee, what a great picture of the gull sitting on the SLOW-NO WAKE sign.

How to purchase Wyoming preference points - posted 5 months ago

Thanks for the reminder Brady....been busy fishing Kenai River rainbows and silvers and I could have/would have forgot about the WY Pref. Pt. purchase deadline.
Thanks again.

Trail Kreitzer’s 2019 Nevada early season archery antelope hunting gear list - posted 7 months ago

I would bring another giant cooler filled with ice. Although it's been awhile, back in my Wyoming days I shot some antelope. While I'm sure there are those who will disagree with me, and I'm generally a big advocate of wild game meat care and cooking, I'm one of those guys who never really developed a taste for antelope meat. It isn't anything like elk, sheep, or moose. But on my last antelope hunt I brought a big cooler filled with ice. When I shot an antelope that year I had the meat chilled on ice within 45 minutes of the kill, and that meat was quite good. Just a though.