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Are game bags worth it? - posted 3 months ago

Jeremy I use synthetic bags and I leave them in the bags in the cooler. But I use frozen water bottles. If I am using ice I will put the game bags in contractor bags before they go in the cooler. Synthetics are great. I have been using the same set for around 8 animals now. What I do is after I get home I fill the cooler with water and pour bleach in it then I put the game bags in the cooler. This cleans the game bags and the bloody cooler. Cool article!

Don’t geek out too hard on gear - posted 4 months ago

Cool article Josh. I always say beware of the old dude in blue jeans because they are normally the ones putting meat on the ground. And they do it with no social media either, oh my!
Good glass, good boots, simple rifle, and time in the field is all that is needed. Time in the field being the most important. Tags are more important than gear.

BROTHERHOOD OF THE ELK WOODS - A Wyoming Archery Elk Hunt - posted 4 months ago

Cool stuff guys. Trail’s face after he released that arrow was a face and look so many of us have had. You could definitely sense his emotions in that moment one of the better raw moments I have seen in a hunting film, glad that bull crashed to the ground. 2 public land archery bulls great job to the whole crew.

The selfish hunter - posted 6 months ago

Cool article. I am a husband and father of 4 so I can relate. Now that my boys are coming of hunting age 11 and 13 I am turning into more of a guide than a hunter. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
The one thing that drives my wife nuts more than anything is driving with me. I am constantly driving by braille looking for game and checking ONX to see if some land is public. It consumes me but she has gotten use to it and is my biggest supporter.