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The selfish hunter - posted 1 week ago

Cool article. I am a husband and father of 4 so I can relate. Now that my boys are coming of hunting age 11 and 13 I am turning into more of a guide than a hunter. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
The one thing that drives my wife nuts more than anything is driving with me. I am constantly driving by braille looking for game and checking ONX to see if some land is public. It consumes me but she has gotten use to it and is my biggest supporter.

Oregon outlaws coyote killing contests - posted 1 month ago

Bummer about OR. They did the same thing to us in CA a few years ago. Look out western states as more Californians leave and move into your states the battle will get harder and harder. The writing is already on the wall in CO. High density large population cities will soon be deciding your entire states hunting laws and I honestly have no idea how you can stop it. Give them and inch and they will take you a mile.

BELOW ZERO - A Colorado 3rd Season Mule Deer Hunt - posted 1 month ago

Great video guys as always guys. Brady I just ordered one of those forend 2 round ammo holders for my rifle. That is exactly what I was looking for for my top feed rifle. I don't like the ones that hold like 10 rounds on the butt stock if I need that many things have gone way wrong. I looked on the Gohunt store but you don't offer them, definitely a cool little piece of gear you guys should add to the store. Congrats on that monster muley dude!

Also I would love to get your input on boot selection for this hunt why not go with a pack boot over the lighter boots you were running? Is it more so because you were doing to much hiking vs sitting? Also would love to get your input on why or why not running insulated boot covers for glassing sessions in the snow.

Montana teen survives bear attack - posted 3 months ago

Good thing the kid was prepared, undoubtedly he has been raised in the outdoors and his parents trained him right. He did everything right and because of that he can live another day. Not many people have this same outcome.

California wolves retain protections - posted 5 months ago

As a CA resident this isn't shocking at all. The real shock would be if they didn't do this. Take note western states this is what happens when you lose control of your wildlife agencies and let them be run by non hunters. Vote! Vote! Vote! California is already so far gone that it will never come back hunters and anglers are the enemy in CA and there is no sugar coating it.