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Grazing will continue in Montana’s Gravelly Mountains - posted 1 year ago


There is a buffer already. The domestic sheep and the bighorns have never had contact since they introduced them into the Greenhorn range. The sheep ranchers in this case were very approachable about the introduction of a bighorn herd, and helped with the ground rules on the introduction. As an avid hunter and also a member of the WSF I'm typically all about growing Bighorn herds, but this case is different. Glenn Hockett doesn't have any actual intent to help the bighorns in this area. When the area biologist decided to give out a sheep tag for this unit this season Glenn was the only person to disagree with that. The WSF and the MT WSF were both very supportive. Hockett's reasoning was "It looks bad given the current lawsuit." This lawsuit is more about getting public grazing shutdown in the area...

Target panic: what to do & how to beat it - posted 2 years ago

This is a great article Trail. I struggled with target panic last year and changed to a hinge release. It made a huge difference almost immediately, and I've gotten back to shooting with confidence. Great read!

Montana Big Game Unit 410 - posted 2 years ago

Is the harvest success correct for the rifle hunt on this unit?

Colorado’s controversial predator plan under fire - posted 2 years ago

Thanks Brady, it didn't bother me at all I just wanted to make you guys aware of it. As a Montana Resident I know what you are saying about the Grizzlies. It's a lot more peaceful at night when there aren't any Grizzlies around.

Colorado’s controversial predator plan under fire - posted 2 years ago

Lorenzo and Co.......pretty sure there are no grizzlies in Colorado....