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ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 2 months ago

Wyoming resident hunters - go to to learn the latest on our effort to fix our hunting tag allocation and help us with this effort.

ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 3 months ago

A little sad reading all these comments from NRs threatening to boycott Wyoming.

But ... super enlightening for us western-state resident hunters to see so clearly how entitled nonresident hunters feel they are to our big game tags and how little they think of resident hunters.

The author fails to mention that Wyoming is currently by far, the most generous state in terms of big game tag allocation to nonresidents. That Wyoming currently gives 25% of is Bighorn Sheep and 20% of its moose tags to NRs borders on criminal.

He also fails to mention that the 90/10 plus no tags to NRs if there are 10 or less tags in a specific hunt area proposal matches exactly what Montana does currently.

We wonder if all these entitled NRs boycott Montana already? Most other western states area already across the board 90/10 or close. Wyoming is the outlier.

The WYOGA was informed prior of the outfitter set aside proposal - we began outreach last Spring and presented at a Wildlife Committee meeting in October they attended and presented again at the WYOGA December meeting in Lander. It was a goodwill gesture from some resident hunters (not all - many don't like outfitters) - and when combined with the current Wilderness restriction, would have made Wyoming's outfitters the best treated of any western state.

Somewhat surprised by GoHunt's over-the-top bias here. Certainly NRs from non-western states are GoHunt's primary customer, but wow. Not sure moving so clearly against the interests of resident hunters is good business.

We were stunned by the WWF opposition. Long known as a respected Wyoming sportsmens' group, with their opposition they betrayed resident hunters and revealed themselves as a nonprofit mouthpiece for outfitters. Some call them all out traitors.

Yep, resident hunters got crushed this go around. Battle isn't over.

6 reasons why llamas are the ultimate pack animal for hunting - posted 11 months ago

Copy all Brady, but your article fails to mention the WSF concern and position - a significant omission. I'm sure the WSF has access to all the science, but has still taken this position - there's a reason for that.

As well, the domestic sheep issue is certainly a concern for hunters and wildlife advocates, but not a hunter-caused concern. Hunting with llamas is - at least for the WSF.

6 reasons why llamas are the ultimate pack animal for hunting - posted 11 months ago

This article fails to to mention that the Wild Sheep Foundation opposes the use of llamas and pack goats in Sheep Country because of disease transfer issues. Bighorn Sheep across the west are in decline. More here:

Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 1 year ago

All - Thank you for the passionate comments and especially the criticism! I sincerely appreciate your willingness to give your two cents and certainly appreciate the nonresident hunter positions.

To get you even more fired up, Mountain Pursuit is urging the Wild Sheep Foundation to end its sponsorship of an extreme-range hunting TV Show:

Even more on ethics, Here is our position outlining maximum shooting range restrictions for both archery and firearms:

Concerning nonresident tags, here's a comparison of nonresident tag allocation between the western states. You'll see Wyoming, specifically, has the most liberal nonresident allocation in the West.

Fire away!

- Rob Shaul