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A deep look at Colorado mule deer seasons: Which season is right for you? - posted 10 months ago

Great article, thanks for sharing. In reading the charts for the season dates, I see that in 2020 and 2026 there is a 12 day gap between 2nd and 3rd rifle. Is this true? All the other years has only a 5 day gap. The gap between 3rd and 4th rifle is always 2 days. I have never lined them up like this so it's very interesting. If that's true, not only would the dates be closer to the rut and better weather, but there would be more than double the "cool off" period after the hunting pressure of the second season. Tilting your odds ever further in those years for the third season tags.

ALERT: 2019 Arizona elk and antelope draw deadline extended! - posted 11 months ago

CC got hit too, now do they get an extension to post results??? Ha! Just glad to finally draw a tag!

10 people just won a SITKA Gear clothing package - posted 2 years ago

Thanks goHUNT! This will be perfect for my 4th season CO elk hunt. Drew two CO tags and an AZ tag as a result of the goHUNT tools, thanks for a great service!