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The political spiral of mountain lions in California - posted 8 months ago

Ferdinand A. you are the one who needs to wake up. I live, work and travel in the places that these animals live. I can tell you without any reservation that the numbers of LIONS ARE NOT DECLINING! Much to the opposite is true! to the demise of the animals that they prey upon. I can't speak to the big cats of Africa as I have never been. I have seen the the POLITICS AND BLEEDING HEARTS loaded with false information and facts bring the end to livelihoods and communities with a the false and deceitful lies to accomplish a one sided view. DON'T LET THE FACTS CLOUD THE ISSUES. There is no BALANCE. As our populations encroach into the ranges of these animals, with the thousands of animals killed each year by cars on our highways. TO THE REMOVAL OF MANAGEMENT OFFICIALS AND TOOLS, THAT ARE CHARGED WITH OVERSEEING THE BALANCE AND BEING HANDCUFFED BY THE NON-FACT FOLKS, in the ability to manage cats, bears. wolfs or any animal, to include humans have seen the rise of predators and demise of the prey animals.
I don't get all this "EGO" talk. The folks I know hunt from a lifelong tradition. For the FACT that by bing near nature we become closer to it. We hunt as our ancestors did and for the pure primal instinct that this is how we survived and we provide for our families before we became civilized! We that hunt have a better grasp of how these animals live and how we have a bond with them. Our history is directly tied to these animals. If we stop all hunting the animals would be the ones to lose. The predators would consume the prey animals. Their numbers would grow to a point that prey would no longer sustain them. They would starve or die of disease. Before man covered large areas of land the animals could hold their own. That is not true today.

The political spiral of mountain lions in California - posted 8 months ago

I see we have another wondering "disneylander" and anti-gunner has found something to complain about.
Since time began humans have picked up sticks and rocks to kill other things. Each Other, animals for food and protection. Seems Ferdinand A. did not get that. I guess he thinks food is only found in markets on the street corner and protection is only at the end of a 911 call. Had humans not understood the use of weapons for the reasons noted above we would have been gone long ago. Animals have teeth, claws, speed to survive, we have the ability to pick up rocks, sticks, or make guns to compete in the REAL WORLD! Lions have had bounties placed on them and still they thrived. The animals we hunt are better moving and hiding in the there world. Just the use of a gun does not guarantee we are always the victor. More than one human has died, with a weapon in their hands, either by starving or at the clays and teeth of these very animals you claim have no defense against. You keep eating your McDonalds and hiding behind your civilized world. I will continue to go out in pursuit of WILD animals for the food, and the thrill of the chase, where the the animal wins more times than do I. When I am successful I will smile and enjoy the success of the hunt.

Colorado tries to save deer through “predator control plan” - posted 11 months ago

I am in agreement with Ryan! Why spend 4.5 MILLION dollars? With some work on the Colorado wildlife commission part they could generate monies to help the deer programs by selling tags!! There is something wrong with a plan that spends money when money could be generated and then spent on the programs to help the deer herds. The only reason i can see is that they don't want the fantasy land folks protesting and the negative publicity it may generate. As we all know science and sound management has no part in the fanatics reasoning. Once again the crazies are running the policies of our game management and not sound judgment. I should know as i live in the land that has the MOST fantazy land folks that have full control of our Fish and Game decisions (california). We don't hunt lions, we don't have spring bear hunts and no dogs allowed anymore and soon we will have wolves. Our deer herds are all but gone in the north state where i live. At least Colorado sees the problem and willing to do SOMETHING even if it cost a lot of money. Here in Disneyland (that's dizzy land ) the deer herds would be allowed to just go away!

California finalizes gray wolf management plan - posted 11 months ago

Shawn, I am sorry to say that we are the minority here in California. Our fish and game department is hamstrung by the non hunters and fantasyland folks. There is no science being applied to any decisions made. They list all the different groups that they say have made input into the project, but this is just to appease our side of the issue. When it comes down to the facts they listen to only one group and it is not US! Other states have learned that without proper management their multi million dollar hunting programs will go away. California I believe this is their goal is to drive out those of us that wish to hunt here. It seems that no logic is applied. You can't have an uncontrolled apex predator running free, we now have three!!! So long to our hunting here in California!!!

California finalizes gray wolf management plan - posted 1 year ago

Living in the very locations that the deer and elk live and see the day to day decline in the deer herds and the increase sightings of bears, lions and soon wolves our future hunting prospects are looking very grim. The deer now huddle in our yards and the elk seek out the open ranch fields to escape some of the predation. Once the wolves become part of this mix of non regulated apex predators the deer and elk will soon join the status of the doo-doo bird. There has been such a great expense and effort to reintroduce elk back into our mountains and to bring this killing predator into these new elk herds will BE their demise. Just ask hunters and locals in the areas of Idaho or Oregon and Montana how the wolf reintroduction has decimated their deer and elk herds. NO GOOD CAN COME FROM THIS PREDATOR BEING INTRODUCED INTO CALIFORNIA. WE DON'T MANAGE OUR LIONS! WE DON'T MANAGE OUR BEARS! AND IF YOU THINK WE ARE GOING TO MANAGE THESE WOLVES YOU ARE LIVING IN THE WORLD THAT IS OF MAKE BELIEVE AND FANTASY!!!! THE SAME DISNEY WORLD THAT OUR LEADERS THAT RUN OUR WILDLIFE PROGRAMS IN THIS STATE!!!