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6 crazy facts about bullets you won't believe - posted 2 years ago

Here is Cali's plan.
Phase 1 – Effective July 1, 2015, nonlead ammunition will be required when taking Nelson bighorn sheep and all wildlife on state wildlife areas and ecological reserves.

Phase 2 – Effective July 1, 2016, nonlead shot will be required when taking upland game birds with a shotgun, except for dove, quail, snipe, and any game birds taken on licensed game bird clubs. In addition, nonlead shot will be required when using a shotgun to take resident small game mammals, furbearing mammals, nongame mammals, nongame birds, and any wildlife for depredation purposes.

Phase 3 – Effective July 1, 2019, nonlead ammunition will be required when taking any wildlife with a firearm anywhere in California.

Existing restrictions on the use of lead ammunition in the California condor range remain in effect while implementation proceeds.

The political spiral of mountain lions in California - posted 2 years ago

Great read. The biggest thing people here don't understand is that DFW pays govt hunters to take cats at tax payers expense. I try to explain this to people here and all they say is "they can't do that". They think they are cuddly and cute. People here vote with their heart and not their brain.