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Montana bill to make bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat once in a lifetime licenses - posted 1 year ago

While it makes sense to try to give more people an opportunity to draw a permit for species with exceptionally low draw odds, would making these species once in a lifetime actually increase the odds by an appreciable amount. In other words, have the bill sponsers quantified what the impact of what they are proposing would be. If not, they should do this so hunters can make an informed decision on whether to support or oppose the bill.

I am strongly against the elimination of eligibility of youth hunters to apply for male permits for the species. Youth are already at a tremendous disadvantage in drawing the permits with the bonus point system, especially since they are squared. I recently saw a graph of draw odds for squared bonus points. It showed that the curve is pretty flat out to 10 pts and at 10 pts the curve gets very steep (a large increase I. the rate of increase of draw odds with increased bonus points). A kid just reaching the age of application eligibility will have a greatly impaired chance of drawing a sheep etc permit their entire life. A kid just born will be at an even greater disadvantage. It’s one generation stealing from the next.

Hunter Legacy Fund grant allows AZGFD and SCI to continue desert bighorn study - posted 2 years ago

What is the Hunter Legacy Fund? What organization administers it and provides the grants and where does the money come from? Can you explain why both AZDGF and SCI received the grant instead of just AZDGF as the agency managing the sheep? And finally, what is the dollar value of the grant? Thank you.

BLM to auction off 304 square miles of public land in Nevada - posted 2 years ago

The Wisconsin gazette as they describe themselves "
"Wisconsin Gazette: Print publication and web site targeting the Progressive/Alternative community".

I expect at least balanced reporting from gohunt. Maybe this lease really is a particularly bad idea but the article by gohunt is completely useless for helping us decide because it is so one-sided. It is just propaganda. I used to pay attention to gohunt's articles about issues like this. I won't anymore. If this is the sloppy work my insider subscription supports I don't know why I should renew it.

BLM to auction off 304 square miles of public land in Nevada - posted 2 years ago

The author and editors of this article should correct the incorrect title and the article to reflect that this is in no way an auction of the land. The title is nothing short of a lie. If the title is a false anything that follows is suspect. The article is just as inaccurate as the title in that it continues with the false narrative that this is an outfright sale of the land.

If you want to restore credibility to your reporting you have to correct your (apparantly) agenda driven bias in the title and content of this article. Horrible journalism.

BLM to auction off 304 square miles of public land in Nevada - posted 2 years ago

"Little or no environmental regulations". We have some of the strongest environmental regulations in the world. Solar panels don't cause pullution? Tell that to the people in Mongolia where the rare earth metals are mined with virtually no environmental regulation. Wind power? Environmental impact is tremendous producing the steel and concrete for the towers. Fracking is bad? That is just a completely uniformed statement that has been thrown around for so long by people that have no idea what fracking is because it is cool for certain people to be against fracking. Specifically fracking and horizontal drilling technologies greatly reduce the surface impact of oil and gas development by greatly reducing the number of pads (and roads, vehicle trips, etc) required.

There is what feels good and sounds good and makes you cool to your friends. Then there is reality. Renewable energy is a feel good farce. Renewables are not borne of fresh air and flowers as so many wish them to be. Again, turn of the power to your house and stop driving cars and flying in airplanes if you want to be the solution.

Also, it is a standard auction of the lease to mineral rights not a sale of the land. Public domain is not affected. The article was very misleading on this.