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Share your photos — get free gear - posted 3 years ago

can I enter two stories

How to choose the best hunting partner - posted 3 years ago

I've done 90% of my hunting solo for the last 20 yrs. I've been successful at the solo thing but Its time to bring on a partner mostly for safety considerations. Good article

“The Rabbi” poacher sentenced for crime - posted 3 years ago

no Revocation? He should have also had the 5 year revocation. 8k is about half what that deer is worth!

The ultimate backcountry hunting gear list breakdown - posted 3 years ago

Nice spreadsheet, nice article. I've been using a similar spreadsheet for a couple years and its easy to see what you need & what you don't. If you wanted to display the weight in "lbs""oz" Example (3.5lbs would be 3lbs 8oz) you would use the following formula. =CONCATENATE(INT(I6),"lb",((I6-INT(I6))*16),"oz").

Updates on the 230” Wyoming mule deer poaching case - posted 3 years ago

Dan R,
I agree 100% A Hymas is 100% legit & even if Nate and him were once friendly I would think that they are no longer. The biggest concern with this case is severity of punishment. I'm concerned with the prosecutor. Wyoming has absolutely hammered some guys that have got caught but unfortunately its not typical. We tend to do a lot of hand slapping. I also can't understand why there isn't lacey act charges as he took the deer across state lines?