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New Mexico Big Game Unit 12 - posted 2 years ago

Jonathan-Hope for a good monsoon, because if it stays like this stock tanks for livestock on private land are going to be the only consistent water sources.

The downfall of the rare south Selkirk Mountain caribou - posted 2 years ago

I am a life long hunter (it is sad that I need to make this disclaimer) and i want wolves to be back ... I think our ecosystems need the full diversity of life and I have had few moments in my life more powerful then when i heard my first Mexican grey wolf howl. I know I am the minority ... but climate change is changing our world and the more we put our heads in the sand like ostriches, the mountain caribou is not going to be the last and only species we lose. Dave I appreciate your article and sadly for our small population of caribou in the continental US (to be fair was always in jeopardy because of the population size and never continually in the US; imaginary lines mean so much to animals) my progeny will not be able to hike the Selkirks and see them. I also appreciate that you honestly described all impacts and did not use the typical scapegoats of the west.

British Columbia announces revised hunting regulations - posted 2 years ago

Honestly, bone out the neck and ribs if you are worried about weight, but I agree that more of the animal should be utilized and if a new regulation forces people to do that, so be it.

BLM updates old law for nation’s public lands - posted 3 years ago

Ross, they have updated the planning process making it easier to be informed of new land use proposals, comment on proposed public land uses, and look at the data regarding those uses. In theory it will be much more streamlined and intuitive, but it is the government so take that with a grain of salt. Here is a link to the plan

4 people just won a Vortex Razor HD binocular setup - posted 3 years ago

Congratulations to the winners