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IDFG removes 17 wolves in Lolo elk zone - posted 1 week ago

How about a common sense conservation principle? 25 years ago the herd numbered 25000. Presently there are 2000.
25 years ago Canadian gray wolves were introduced to the lower 48. Duh? I think the Canadian gray wolves destroyed the population. There have always been lions, bears and habitat loss issues. The main reason for the loss of the elk population is the wolf. I get so tired of agencies and scientific idiots not just saying it! The wolves killed them period. Keep killing the wolves and some more lions, I would rather hunt elk and deer than hear the howl of a wolf.

IDFG removes 17 wolves in Lolo elk zone - posted 1 week ago

Wolves just suck. I don't care who kills them, so called professionals or bums. Hope they all get the wolf covid-19.

New big game studies in Montana aimed at declining numbers, disease - posted 2 weeks ago

In my opinion, this is just another waste of resources and $. It is simple, reduce the amount of predators in Montana and your populations will increase.

UT lawmaker proposes bill that would target predator populations to help game - posted 1 month ago

“Is it really ethical to kill lots of predator species just to have more deer for hunters to shoot?”

Yes it is! Hunter dollars do more for conservation of these animals than any of the radical anti-hunting/anti-gun groups. Face it, if there are no prey animals there will be no predators either. HB 125 is a great bill. I wish Montana would take Utah's lead. Our state is nothing more than a predator pit. The mule deer in MT have been decimated by mountain lions over the last 30 years and the wolves, lions and excessive amount of grizzlies have all but ruined elk hunting in Southwest MT. I attended a big game tentative proposal meeting last month. FWP personnel would like everyone to believe that reduced numbers of elk and deer in Western MT is attributed to river otters and muskrats. They will never just come out and say it. Wolves, grizzlies, lions and their poor management are the reason the numbers are not what they should be historically speaking. What is wrong with having a lot of deer and elk for hunters to hunt?

Why hunter recruitment is important - posted 4 months ago

I also believe that public land is gold. The problem is that in Montana it is being managed poorly and hunters are essentially subject to poor hunting on public land. They see game on the ranches and farms on the way to the public land, and for some I guess that is hunting success. It is hard to recruit hunters when they are set up to fail. They can work their butts off and not find success because there are few animals to hunt. 44 years ago I began hunting big game with my father and great grandfather. Since then in our hunting area, I have seen the mule deer go extinct due to lions and now the elk are on the ropes due to over hunting. When you discuss the situation with the area biologist he states he knows that too many elk are being killed, but it is out of his hands because the region is inhabited by some powerful land owners and state legislators. Basically, there are no elk on the national forest yet they allow either sex hunting on a general tag. Public hunters need to quit watching hunting videos on private land, and then dream of replicating that on public land. As hunters we need to make these biologists accountable, as well as, gain some power back in the management of the public's game. I am just saying it is hard to recruit when , in my opinion, hunting is going in a backward direction.