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Fixed blade vs. expandable blade broadheads... which is right for you? - posted 2 months ago

RAMCAT - Fixed blade, large cutting diameter with field point accuracy. Wicked blood trail that typically does not go very far!

Elk shoulder season could see some changes for 2019 - posted 3 months ago

Shoulder seasons are out of control. Elk are hunted from August to February. If landowners want elk numbers controlled they need to allow access to them. They want to sell 6pt bulls during the regular season, and then have the public clean up the mess in the shoulder seasons. Unfortunately, some landowners allow hunting during the general season, but the elk hold up on neighboring private land due to a lack of hunting pressure. After the regular season when the pressure is gone, the elk leave the outfitted, leased, or not hunted land and pulverize the landowners that allow hunting. Concessions (shoulder seasons) need to be made for these landowners only.

Montana college student harvests record ram - posted 5 months ago

Hunters especially appreciate the beauty of animals when they are alive. Hunters and their $ have done much more toward conservation of these animals than any whack job anti hunting group. Bighorn sheep are also great table fare. Don't let it get to you Gary. These morons are the same folks that can not understand that a wall on our Southern border will increase national security.

Montana college student harvests record ram - posted 5 months ago

Justin and his father are both avid outdoorsman, hunters, and all around great folks. I am very happy the young man had the opportunity and "killed" a beautiful ram.

Montana Big Game Unit 391 - posted 6 months ago

The deer hunting is pathetic. Lions have decimated the deer since the late 1980's.