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Mountain biker attacked by grizzly bear - posted 6 days ago

If they keep mauling the "Big Sky Elite" in their playground, maybe they will create some pressure to delist. LOL

Montana man survives grizzly bear attack - posted 2 weeks ago

Everyone needs to carry bear spray in griz country. I prefer the 12 gauge with buck shot. It is very effective at close range, and will not blow back in your face if it's windy. Also as pointed out by Mike R, folks need to pay attention to the "outdoor" groups they join. Many these days are fronts for the greenies.

Montana commission approves development of new elk plan - posted 1 month ago

This plan will hinge on what type of people these 12 citizens are and who's pocket their in. It could be quite simple. If a landowner allows public hunting of some determined amount (and not just antlerless), then elk will be managed if they are causing damage. If not I guess the money made from leasing and outfitting will have to out weigh the damage caused on their property, because they will not be eligible for a damage hunt of any sort. The hunting public needs to grow a pair, and not participate in these damage hunts either in areas where access is prohibited. Why clean up the mess. Outfitters and quite honestly private leases have changed the dynamics drastically in the last 25 years. In heavily leased and outfitted areas that are problematic for public access, and also high in game damage, simply do not allow the harvest of antlered game on private lands. Only allow antlered game on public land. This will never happen due to the amount of money in this industry,but it would be a simple solution. Sadly, in a majority of these same areas are farmers and ranchers that are truly having game damage issues, but allow hunting. The problem lies in the fact that the excessive numbers of elk are harbored on adjacent "trophy ranches" that are leased or outfitted. These elk then leave the trophy ranches to terrorize the neighbors that are real ranchers and not game managers. Needless to say, there is not a perfect answer and it will be interesting to watch the plan develop.

IDFG removes 17 wolves in Lolo elk zone - posted 2 months ago

How about a common sense conservation principle? 25 years ago the herd numbered 25000. Presently there are 2000.
25 years ago Canadian gray wolves were introduced to the lower 48. Duh? I think the Canadian gray wolves destroyed the population. There have always been lions, bears and habitat loss issues. The main reason for the loss of the elk population is the wolf. I get so tired of agencies and scientific idiots not just saying it! The wolves killed them period. Keep killing the wolves and some more lions, I would rather hunt elk and deer than hear the howl of a wolf.

IDFG removes 17 wolves in Lolo elk zone - posted 2 months ago

Wolves just suck. I don't care who kills them, so called professionals or bums. Hope they all get the wolf covid-19.