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Why hunter recruitment is important - posted 2 months ago

I also believe that public land is gold. The problem is that in Montana it is being managed poorly and hunters are essentially subject to poor hunting on public land. They see game on the ranches and farms on the way to the public land, and for some I guess that is hunting success. It is hard to recruit hunters when they are set up to fail. They can work their butts off and not find success because there are few animals to hunt. 44 years ago I began hunting big game with my father and great grandfather. Since then in our hunting area, I have seen the mule deer go extinct due to lions and now the elk are on the ropes due to over hunting. When you discuss the situation with the area biologist he states he knows that too many elk are being killed, but it is out of his hands because the region is inhabited by some powerful land owners and state legislators. Basically, there are no elk on the national forest yet they allow either sex hunting on a general tag. Public hunters need to quit watching hunting videos on private land, and then dream of replicating that on public land. As hunters we need to make these biologists accountable, as well as, gain some power back in the management of the public's game. I am just saying it is hard to recruit when , in my opinion, hunting is going in a backward direction.

Why hunter recruitment is important - posted 3 months ago

Nice article, but... Where are these new hunters going to hunt? ( I am speaking about hunting in Montana.) Public land hunting has become a joke due to incompetent management, too many predators, excessive harvest (shoulder seasons), and too much power given to landowners their leases and outfitting. Public land is a joke. If a new hunter is recruited he or she needs to be wealthy or become wealthy to partake in "hunting". I am also talking real hunting. Hiking, camping, scouting, and just putting in time. Not shooting some poor cow elk standing in a farmers field. There needs to be improvement, at least in this state, in the management of the "public's animals", or it will be left only for the wealthy. So, the moral is to recruit the rich.

Three hunters survive grizzly bear attack in Montana - posted 4 months ago

Sending them to the Bay area would help with their transient homeless population. Arron W. I think you are on to something. Could probably use a few on the East Coast, as well.

Three hunters survive grizzly bear attack in Montana - posted 4 months ago

First of all, there are too many grizzly bears. They need to be hunted to create some fear of humans. I don't archery hunt this region of Montana, but if I did I would pack a defense shotgun on a front sling. It would be annoying and heavy, but it would be much more of a comfort than a can of bear spray. If the first group was set up in this fashion the bear would most likely have been dead and the second group wouldn't have been attacked at 6:30pm. ( If it was in fact the same bear). Tired of all the PC BS just shoot the bastards.

Fixed blade vs. expandable blade broadheads... which is right for you? - posted 8 months ago

RAMCAT - Fixed blade, large cutting diameter with field point accuracy. Wicked blood trail that typically does not go very far!