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Michael N.

Tripod tips for long distance glassing: Part 2 - posted 4 months ago

Great work on this video series. It's the basic stuff, but sometimes we forget.

Michael N.

RMEF's Google ad dropped due to “animal cruelty” - posted 1 year ago

In defense of Google, the task of effectively and efficiently enforcing content standards is super difficult. The method by which most large social media/digital companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) enforce content standards is some combination of machine-learning algorithms, user feedback, and direct manual intervention (often via small armies of underpaid and overworked folks forced to watch horrendous things in far away countries). Sometimes, as in this case, mistakes are made. For anyone who's ever seen a hunting ad or watched a hunting video on YouTube (a wholly owned Google business), the company's history with hunting and fishing content is no worse than "tolerance", and in my opinion, "supportive". Google's apology and response was appropriate and correct. This is not a conspiracy. All-in-all, Google clarifying their policy towards hunting ads is a good thing.