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Idaho 2021 nonresident tag and license fee increase - posted 2 months ago

So long as enough NR’s are willing to pay more, they will keep increasing. The argument around federal land only goes so far. First, only a portion of the land in ID is federally owned, and second states will claim that the game on that land is a state asset, not a federal asset. Not saying I agree with all of that, but those are the arguments that have already been debated ad nauseum in many different hunter forums.

I hunt and own property in MT, but I’m a NR there. We’ve been paying north of $1,000 for general deer/elk combo tags for awhile. Welcome to the club ID!

Point Creep: What is it? Can you overcome it? and much more - posted 4 months ago

I just recently moved out west and got back into hunting this past season. Mostly because my son who is 21 was interested. I’m 55. With neither of us having ANY points ANYWHERE, there’s no hope for either of us in this system. However, we simply set our expectations accordingly. I live in UT and managed to draw an early season buck deer tag in the unit closest to where I live in my first year applying. It’s a busy unit near SLC, so I limited my expectations. Saw 2 moose, one doe and a porcupine in 4 days of hunting (it was only a 5 day hunt), but it sure beat housework. My son and I also both drew non-res general buck deer tags in MT. Hunted end of the season, just before Thanksgiving and both had bucks on the ground within 2 hrs of the first day of the hunt. One forky, one small 4x3. Neither were trophies by B&C standards, but we have an amazing xperince and story, a freezer full of meat and lots of anticipation for doing it again next year.

All The comments here focus on the “system” as the problem. I’d argue that the whole “trophy hunting” mindset is as much the problem as the systems states have devised to manage it. Hunting should be about hunting, not just some arbitrary measurement system that defines “trophy”. My son and I will hunt general and OTC as long as I’m physically able. We’ll likely put meat in the freezer most years. We may or may not stumble upon a “trophy” some day, but we’ll sure as Hell have memories and experiences that are beyond priceless.