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April INSIDER Giveaway: 5 Mathews VERTIX Bows! - posted 1 year ago

When will you add the monthly giveaway draw odds? Is it lower odds than Nevada bighorn tags for Max point holders?

Hunter defends viral mountain lion video and photo - posted 1 year ago

Beautiful picture showing a true conservationist with an amazing animal. It's quite obvious that a group of fanatics in CO went well out of their way to be offended and then insist everyone else feel the same way. I'm sorry, but if you think that not posting images of dead animals is any sort of real solution what will you turn to when just mentioning hunting becomes too offensive? Pandering to an emotional, selfish minority is not an effective way to champion the ethos of modern hunter conservationsists! Its an honest part of modern conservation that needs to be shared, explained and supported by anyone serious about the future of wildlife in America.

Tips for hunting late season migratory elk - posted 1 year ago

I drew a cow tag for a unit that varies in elevation from about 6600' up to 11000'. Do you have any advice on how to locate cows around Dec 7-14? Any particular ares to look for on maps or any areas I can cross off to help narrow down the unit?? Thanks!!