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Bringing new hunters into the mix - posted 1 year ago

Well said Josh. I am friends/mentor a few adult on-set hunters , some nearly twice my age. That base seems to be growing more rapidly. I get as much reward guiding/teaching them as i do hunting myself. Maybe even more sometimes. I too struggle with walking the fine line of my own ego/elitism and just trying to protect my spots from excited and enthusiastic newbies who want to tell anyone who will listen about the details of their adventures. All the fancy gear and social media boasting makes it easy to forget the big picture of why we do this.

April INSIDER Giveaway: 5 Mathews VERTIX Bows! - posted 1 year ago

If you're going to win a drawing. This is the one you want to win!

March Giveaway Winners: 5 People Just Won Vortex Razor HD 10x42 Binos - posted 1 year ago

I. never. win. anything.

California Deer Zone D-17 - posted 1 year ago

Are there quotas on AO D17 tags for this zone? I see two archery seasons with the same dates.